4 Best Exercises to Keep You Fit and Healthy

As a consequence of Covid-19, most individuals had their normal routine of exercising disrupted. Yoga studios, indoor basketball courts, and full-service gyms closed down at the onset of the global crisis.

However, this year most of these facilities have reopened fully, and most have reestablished exercise regimens, like yoga.

Basically, yoga remains an old exercise, which concentrates on bringing harmony between the soul, mind, and body. It combines different physical poses with concentration, breathing control, and relaxation techniques.

Knowing where to get a good yoga wheel will ensure you stretch your spine and enhance your practice. You will also be able to improve sleep, manage weight, build stamina, fight stress, and boost immunity.

Though sticking to the same-old and one boring routine in your gloomy and dark gym will not help you attain your health and fitness goals. You may need to incorporate yoga practices with different exercises, including:

1. Walking

Walking is an easy yet powerful exercise. It may help you improve cholesterol levels, keep your blood pressure in check, lower the risks of getting diseases, and strengthen your bones.

A couple of studies show that walking, especially if incorporated with other physical exercises, may resist age-related memory loss and improve your memory.

All you require is a supportive and well-fitting pair of shoes. Begin with walking for around 15 minutes, then with time, increase it to 30 or 60 minutes every day.

2. Strength Training

At times, strength training is referred to as power or resistance training. It can help you build up your muscles with a repetitive motion using resistance from your own body weight, free weights, elastic bands, and weight machines.

Power training is also another type of strength exercise carried out at a faster speed so as to increase reaction times and power. Other examples of strength training include:

  • Pullups and pushups
  • Curls and squats
  • Deadlifts

3. Jumping Jacks

This kind of exercise usually targets the entire body. It is the best type of cardio exercise. There are different benefits associated with jumping jacks, such as building muscles, reducing weight, uplifting your mood, and making bones stronger.

You will need to stand straight on your feet and hands on the side to do the exercise. Afterward, jump along the while, raising the arms above the head and bring the feet apart.

4. Planks

Plank exercise or Plank Pose is among the most effective and powerful full-body workouts. The main advantage of this workout is that it usually targets important muscle groups in your body.

It also strengths muscles in the hips, core, back, arms, and chest. Apart from these benefits, plank exercise can quickly burn excess calories and fats from your body.

Although the exercise seems easy and simple, it is quite intense and exhausting. The longer you exercise, the better the outcome.

Final Say!

These important exercises can do your body good. However, there will always be room to keep on pushing.

If you realize that you’re breezing yourself through and barely breaking sweat, concentrate on progressive overload by making every move challenging by adding more weights and five more reps.