6 Reasons Steel Buildings Make Great Basketball Court Facilities

Whether you’re looking to build an indoor basketball court for personal, recreational, or commercial use, you want to choose the best building materials possible. Basketball court facilities need to have plenty of wide open space, a variety of design options, durability, and more.

One of the best building materials to consider when building an indoor basketball court is steel. Steel is one of the most durable and reliable materials on the market. Not only that, but prefab steel buildings can be erected in a matter of days, so you can get your indoor basketball facility up and running in no time.

Here are 6 reasons why pre-engineered steel buildings make great basketball court facilities.

1. Steel Buildings Have Versatile Size Options

Steel sports buildings come in a variety of different sizes. A standard basketball court is 92 feet long and about 49 feet wide, so you need a building that is at least 50×100 for a single basketball court. However, you probably want room for restrooms, a ball rack, a seating area, water fountains, and sideline benches, so you will probably want a building that is closer to 60×120 feet, at minimum. Steel buildings can be built to your size specifications.

Steel buildings can also be very large, exceeding 200 x 400 feet, allowing you to put multiple courts in one building.

2. All Steel Buildings Have a Clear-Span Design

Whether you need a small or large indoor basketball court, steel is the best option because all prefab steel buildings have a clear-span design–even the largest ones! A clear-span design means there are no interior support columns or trusses on the inside.

Unlike wood which requires interior support or concrete which is too heavy to stand on its own, steel is lightweight and durable, so it doesn’t require supports and you can use 100% of your square footage for basketball courts without worrying about obstruction. This clear-span design feature allows you to customize your building’s interior exactly to your desires and specifications.

After all, you don’t want to have to worry about running around support beams in the middle of the court or having to build your courts around interior supports.

3. Quick and Easy Installation

Although the length of the installment process may vary depending on the side of your building, customizations, and the size of the construction team, prefab steel buildings are much faster to erect than wood or brick-and-mortar buildings.

Prefab steel buildings come with metal pieces already measured and ready to install. The construction team just has to tighten bolts and erect the structure. Smaller indoor basketball courts can be fully erected within a few days, while larger ones may take 1-2 weeks.

Even if your basketball court facility takes a couple of weeks to erect, this is still a faster process than it would be if you chose a different building material.

4. Steel Protects Your Investment From the Elements

Installing and maintaining one or more basketball courts is a major investment of your time and energy, and you want to make sure your investments are protected. The last thing you want to happen is to watch your building give way to strong winds, severe storms, fire, and other elements in nature.

Fortunately, steel is extremely durable, and steel buildings can be manufactured to withstand winds in excess of 180 MPH. Not only that, but they are water and fire-resistant. Steel won’t absorb moisture, rot, or mold. It also won’t catch fire or sustain serious damage in the event of an electrical fire.

Excess wind, fire, and water can cause serious damage to wood and brick-and-mortar structures, but these elements are no match for pre-engineered steel.

5. Steel Buildings Have Various Climate Control Options

Basketball is a fast-paced and sweaty sport. While playing, temperatures inside your building can rise quickly, making players and bystanders uncomfortable.

When choosing a building type for your indoor basketball court, you must consider climate control. You must have a way to keep your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Steel buildings offer the best of both worlds.

Steel buildings come with a variety of climate control, insulation, and ventilation options, so you can choose and easily maintain a comfortable temperature in your building. Steel buildings are also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

6. Steel Buildings are Incredibly Low Maintenance

Maintaining an indoor basketball court isn’t always easy, but maintaining the integrity of your building’s structure doesn’t have to be. Unlike wood or concrete, steel requires little to no maintenance over time. Steel won’t rot or warp so you won’t need to replace any of the materials, and they are durable enough to last a lifetime. The only maintenance your steel building’s exterior should require is simple paint touch-ups.

Choose Steel for Your Indoor Basketball Court Today

Are you trying to decide which building material is best for an indoor basketball court facility? Steel is your answer! Consider choosing a steel building today.

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