adidas Superstar 1 & 2: A Look at the Classic

I had to start with the adidas Superstar.

Chances are, you’ve probably already seen these classic sneakers once or twice in your life. Being one of the most popular adida shoes releases, the adidas Superstar 1 and Superstar 2 are still being worn today by thousands of people.

So if your question is “Should I still consider wearing these old sneakers?”, then you’ve got the answer right there. Adidas has gained massive popularity and attention from these shoes, so now in 2015 we have the second addition – adidas Superstar 2. Coming in a variety of different colors, everyone could find something to suit their taste.


One of the strongest aspects of the sneaker is it’s durability. The materials are made to last and the shoes will have an extensive period of lifetime. Some say that you won’t need a new pair for 1-3 years! The outsole is made of nice high-quality rubber. The shoe’s front features a “shell toe” which is really tough. All in all, you won’t have problems with fast wear-down or low quality materials peeling of. After all, adidas made it. 


These are by all means not athletic shoes made for sports. They’re just casual sporty-looking sneakers. However, thanks to the traction-friendly outsole pattern, they’ll provide really good grip and smooth comfort while moving. The sneakers will still feel a lot more efficient than your regular casual shoes. There are also several edtions for different things, such as skate, basketball, casual, performance and more. 

The top also features mesh, which, according to adidas, is very light and breathable, so you won’t have ventilation problems.


The style will obviously come down to taste. Just don’t think that they’re dead in terms of style and fashion – look up on Google how many celebrities still wear them. They will probably fit best with jeans, regular pants or shorts.

There is a HUGE selection of colors and styles to choose from, so variation won’t be a problem. 

adidas Superstar: OVERALL

There’s not a lot to be said about the adidas Superstar. They’re massively popular even right now, pretty cheap and common in stores. They offer simple style to fit with almost anything and are also performance-friendly. These days, there’s a saying that everybody should own at least one pair of Superstar’s.