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My name’s Julius. I live in Los Angeles – the capital of the basketball world and I don’t mean that in a good way 😀

I’ve been following this sport for years now. I was always interested in basketball, but also in its shoes and the huge variety of shoes that we have available to us today!  In today’s sneaker industry there are thousands of different models to choose from. Technologies play a big role in the performance of the sneaker. You may think: “Who cares? It’s just a basketball shoe.” But in reality, if you truly like and enjoy basketball, searching and finding the right shoe for yourself is an awesome feeling.

D Rose 6: Main View,
adidas D Rose 6 Boost

Just for instance, here’s the D Rose 6 Boost – my favourite shoe right know. It’s awesome! Because of that, I want to share that feeling with you all. I want to inform you with the technologies, the releases, the pluses and the minuses of today’s shoe game.

I decided to develop this website into a true basketball shoe database, where you could find something you’re looking for or something if you don’t know what you’re looking for. You check its review and you become informed.

Not only will I be covering basketball shoes, I will be covering all aspects of basketball as well.  I love this game!

So I’ll keep it short and simple – I really hope you’ll appreciate the stuff I’m doing here, so share my passion, stay strong and good luck! 

Stay strong,


Founder of liveforbball.com