Air Jordan 4 Retro X Levi’s “Blue Denim” edition

For fans of denim (particularly Levi’s denim jeans) or anything blue, you will definitely consider Air Jordan 4 Retro X Levi’s “Blue Denim” edition.

You may want to take note of the pricing: the Air Jordan 4 Retro X Levi’s “Blue Denim” was released on January 17, 2018 and its original retail sales price was $225. As of this writing, it’s been there for a few months so the price has perhaps gone down a notch as the Jordan brand continues to release newer models.

On the other hand, the fact that the Jordan brand partnered with Levi’s to come out with this special-edition sneakers, their value has perhaps increased as time goes by. Some people usually take advantage whenever these editions come out in the market by buying these sneakers at their original sales value, and then sell them at a higher price.

Anyway, the Air Jordan 4 Retro Levi’s “Blue Denim” is a witness of the renewed collaboration between the Jordan brand and the legendary denim jeans brand Levi’s. If you can recall, their first partnership resulted to Levi’s x Air Jordan 123/501 pack back in 2008, which also came with a pair of jeans.

The full blue Levi’s denim is obviously the highlight of this shoe’s upper, and laces are also made of blue denim as well. This shoe comes with tan and red accents. The leather patch on the tongue feature the iconic “Jumpman” logo in red. Looking into the insole, it is also made of denim; the left insole features the Levi’s logo while the right insole has the Jumpman logo. And speaking of the Jumpman logo again, you can see it too being embossed at the heel. The gold-colored stitching provides a nice contrast to the all-blue upper, just like the standard gold stitching of your Levi’s jeans.

The white accent is prominently seen across the polyurethane midsole. The gum outsole, on the other hand brings, attention to the bottom of the sneaker which has an enhanced traction pattern for a better grip. The Jumpman logo is also seen on the bottom.

Since the shoe is entirely made of denim, some may take note that the “Blue Denim” is a little more on the softer side and therefore it may not provide the level of support like the other shoes made of other material. But the “Blue Denim”’s stylishness cannot be denied.

Have you gotten the Air Jordan 4 Retro X Levi’s “Blue Denim” yet? Please let us know your thoughts about it!

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