Asian lifestyle loves to bet on UFABET Sportsbook

Each yellow dot shows the location information of each member, but you can see that many people are visiting the site not only from all over the country but also from the metropolitan area of ​​each country. Location information is available only to users who have permission from each country.

Fun! Japan, which has accumulated a lot of detailed data, can further explore the needs and trends of each city from this access situation.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s happening in Southeast Asia and who is accessing UFABET  Sportsbook .

It was Southeast Asia where young people are concentrated The average age in Southeast Asia is in the 20s to early 30s.As if to reflect that, it can be seen that the members are concentrated in the 20s and 30s in the three countries except Taiwan.

Then, is the income low because of the younger generation? No, emerging Asian countries are countries where the general common sense of Japan that “younger age = low income” does not apply.

This can be seen from the experience of visiting Japan, which requires a certain amount of spending.

It was High awareness of visiting Japan, Regarding the percentage of people who have traveled to Japan by city, nearly 50% of the members in the three countries except Indonesia are “experienced people who have traveled to Japan”. Also, Indonesia has a high percentage of visits to Japan compared to the market as a whole, and it can be said that many “income groups above a certain level who can travel to Japan” are gathered at Fun! Japan his income trend can also be seen from another perspective.

It was High car ownership rate. In the three countries except Taiwan, many people may have the image that many motorcycles are still running. However, in recent years, as shown in these pictures, urban areas are full of cars. As in Japan, you need a certain amount of income to buy a car. When the members of Fun! Japan are divided from the viewpoint of “owning a car (including those who owned a car in the past)”, although there are some regional differences, more than half of the users “own a car”, especially in urban areas. Or had it. “It was At the end So far, I have introduced the general situation of each country and city from several perspectives, but I also understand that Fun! Japan users have a strong tendency to “relatively have a lot of upper middle” in addition to the segment “I like Japan”. I think you got it.

While promoting overseas expansion and inbound tourism, it is important to correctly isolate the segment of the country and accurately grasp needs and demand. So, don’t you all wonder what kind of people these consumers really are, what products they use, and what kind of life they live in?

In the next Fun! Japan Life Style, I would like to clarify the “now” of the Asian market through realistic reports from local members while interweaving the digital data of each country accumulated by Fun! Japan for each country