Basketball betting strategies that work

A good betting strategy usually improves your experience by giving you a simpler betting procedure thus making you less likely to fail on the outcome. A good betting strategy helps the bettor know the actual amount to stake in a certain game in example; staking high on a much weaker team can lead to big losses. Staking your bets on a strong team leads to higher chances of winning.

Learning new strategies that are easy to execute and which are much easier to use makes betting simpler and increases potential profits, and a good strategy will boost chances of winning.

Watch for Moving lines

In basketball betting, the team with greater chance of winning usually has the lower odds because its winning potential is higher than their opponent’s side. Moreover, many gamblers pick their favourite teams to bet on as the winners of the match usually because of their affection for the team. Public participation in betting leads to the betting line moving to one side as the bets are high on the other side and gambling experts tend to take advantage of that to gain higher winnings.

News from sports and online pundits hype the team with the highest possibility of winning, this luring the public to bet on that team. Some expert gamblers stake their bets on the opposing team to increase the possibility of winning big from the unknowingly betting public. Choosing the perfect time to jump on moving betting lines when matches in play is a process that bettors acquire with experience. Not every moment that the line moves is the right time to change bets, and being cautious about line movement is key to betting accurately and avoiding huge losses.

Cherry pick Games that have Value

Betting involves picking a team with the best winning odds, where the odds are generated by specialists. That said, the betting lines can be inaccurate, especially when many games are in play at a specific point in time. The games which tend to have inexact betting lines are those games which are of less importance. Bettors should try to develop a strategy to spot the bad lines and use them to win big.

The best tactic is to first predict the outcome of the game based on your own views before getting influenced by any other reliable source on the same, with that, one is able to bet on the games that seem to offer the best return on investment.

Winning based on the value of the game is a strategy that counteracts possible confusion from other betting prediction sites or sporting pundits, it also bettors to easily spot valuable bets to stake on as well as detect which betting lines are not as profitable. Learning how to spot bad lines will of course become easier with time and practice.

Bet on Underdogs

Underdogs are typically teams with the highest odd value as they are the most likely teams to lose the match. The highly valued underdogs cause a situation in the markets that makes less educated members of the betting public sway towards picking their favourite team as the winner.

Expert gamblers of the game will use this strategy to stake high on the underdogs — especially underdogs playing at home who are less likely to lose due to home advantage and fan support. The underdog teams can results around, especially after half times or breaks when they make changes like defence changes or attacking tactics.

Betting on underdogs by expert gamblers can be considered as one of the best strategies because the gamblers tend to stake high on the underdogs. This can be a dangerous situation as although underdogs sometimes change their fortunes, they do often ending up losing and that in turn means losses for those who have bet on them.


Betting has become source of extra income to many and online betting sites have been set up to allow players to play on computers, tablets and mobile phones to give them the comfort of playing anywhere, any time.

Thinking of match winning strategies like the ones mentioned above are skilful tactics to help players make money through betting. However, winning is never 100% guaranteed and results can be the opposite of those predicted. If results of matches were the same as those predicted and bet on, winnings can be quite large.

Betting is a two-sided coin and can both generate large amounts of income as well as losses. Losses can result after betting on basketball games with low odds, or when betting on underdogs who don’t end up changing their status as underdogs.

When betting on basketball games, players should try and use their own tried and tested stategies in order to make the right stake on games. That said, if you have had an lucky streak when betting on basketball, maybe it’s time to try a new game, like roulette at Platin Casino.