Basketball Betting Trends in the US

Sports betting mobile apps and sites have introduced a myriad of opportunities for betters in the US. Sports lovers can now celebrate their favorite NBA team with a chance to make some money along the way. The sports betting industry, expected to surpass a total worth of $140 billion by the end of 2028, has undoubtedly created an economy of its own.

You can find basketball fans tuning into NBA matches every evening from mid-October to mid-April. It is that time of the year when betting buffs flip their coins to wager on their favorite team. Here are some insights into the basketball betting trends in the US to help you wager in with confidence.

How to Utilize NBA Betting Trends?

Every bet you place gets tracked and documented into a system at a sportsbook site. Betting trends represent the volume of wagers placed at a sportsbook on one team versus another for a particular sport. Public betting trends are commonly known as betting percentages. To monitor wagering activity on every game, you can visit the betting trends page of any recognized and trustworthy sportsbook website.

How to Know if a Sportsbook Site Is Legit?

Before you start betting with your hard-earned money, opt for a legal betting site with prominence in the market. Here are a few factors you can consider before you go on wagering.


To measure the reputation of a sportsbook website, inspect if they have a license from a professional iGaming authority. Likewise, conduct your research by looking at the genuine reviews of a site standing in the industry for quite some time.

Great odds

If you have had a background in basketball betting for some time, you probably know that competitive odds and lines can be a massive profit maximizer. In other terms, opt for those sites whose competitive odds are remarkable so that you can score more if you get lucky.

Sports variety

For an improved gaming experience, aim for sites that include niche sports like cycling or MMA. This way, you can bet on a variety of sports besides basketball to see if diversifying your betting options help you get the favor of Lady Luck.

Added Bonuses

Search for sites that provide promotions and bonuses with lenient wagering requirements and fast money withdrawal times.

Bet and Money Percentages – The Basics

Money percentages, otherwise known as percent on the handle, are the percentage of the amount of money wagered on a particular side of the bet. For any basketball game, all the money wagered gets aggregated and sorted depending on the type of bet. Next, the money is split in terms of the percentage of the handle on each side of the bet. Types of bets include money line, spread, and middle bets.

To obtain the percentage, first, sort the bets by the type of bet and then look at the tickets (a term for all the bets placed) on each side of the game to effectively identify which side high-stakes players are inclined towards.

Betting Percentages and Advantages of Tracking Trends Data

Betting trends pinpoint massive plunges. Here, look for the reverse line movement where line movement contradicts the betting trends. Using sports betting systems that utilize real-time odds and betting trends alerts can help you make your bets more profitable.

Tracking trends data allows a professional gambler to go behind the lines and explore the exact reasons that cause a line to move. If you love taking calculated risks, getting insights into the soundest basketball betting stats will undoubtedly set you ahead in your game.

Wrapping Up

So, what are you waiting for? Increase your chances of earning a few extra bucks while betting on your favorite basketball team this season. Your passion for betting blended with your discernment abilities can give you an edge in the legal betting sportsbook sites.