Benefits and Different Types of CBD Oils for Dogs

CBD oil has been gaining popularity in the country owing to the legalization of marijuana and hemp plants for various purposes. In the states where it has been legalized, people are using marijuana and related products for recreation and medicinal purposes.

One such product to be extracted from the marijuana plant is CBD oil.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a potent substance found in plants, and its psychoactive counterpart is known as THC. However, it is unlikely that you would find traces of THC in CBD oil unless it’s for recreation, as THC is a psychoactive substance that gives you the feeling of being high.

CBD has become a revolutionary product because of its medical properties and other natural characteristics. Not only is CBD useful for humans, but it is also highly beneficial for animals.

If you are a pet parent and have a dog at home, you must consider the benefits of giving them CBD oil. Since animals like dogs have an endocannabinoid system like humans, they are highly perceptive to the CBD.

CBD can act as stimuli for an imbalance ECS and trigger various responses. For instance, CBD can activate the immune system and the digestive system.

While there are different CBD products for dogs, veterinarians and pet parents opt for CBD oil most commonly. There are multiple types of oil among CBD oil, depending upon their potency and chemical structure. For instance, full spectrum CBD oil for dogs is the most common product on the market, but there are other spectrums of CBD, such as isolates and broad-spectrum.

Difference between the three types of CBD oils

The chemical makeup and the compound is the primary difference among the CBD isolates, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum.

1. CBD isolate

There are numerous chemicals and substances found in the CBD when extracted from cannabis plants, but the CBD isolate is considered the most accurate oil form. Herein, the oil does not contain any other substances that are usually present in the different kinds of CBD, such as multiple types of cannabinoids, terpenes, and healthy fatty acids.

While CBD isolates are available in oil, they are mainly used in their crystallized or powder form.

The isolates are extracted from the plants using the same process, but then all the other chemical compounds are filtered from the isolates.

This kind of CBD oil is generally used in vaping products. But when using it for medicinal purposes, it serves as a cost-efficient substitute. However, when you give your dogs CBD isolates, they will miss out on the benefits from the other compounds present in the cannabinoid.

2. Full-Spectrum CBD

It is the opposite of CBD isolates, as full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the other essential cannabinoids and substances from the plant. A full-spectrum CBD contains terpenes, fatty acids, and even THC, but the volume of THC is only limited to 0.3%, which will not get your dog high.

You must consider buying full spectrum CBD oil for dogs as it has the medical properties of all the other cannabinoids present in the oil. Since this type of oil contains terpenes, it can prove beneficial in treating inflammation in dogs. Also, the presence of other compounds is said to have an ‘entourage effect’ on the endocannabinoid system of the body, wherein each compound enhances the effects of other compounds.

Using the full spectrum CBD, companies can formulate various products for your dogs, such as CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD chew sticks, salves, capsules, and much more.

Products with the full spectrum are considered to be the cream of the crop, as they provide all the benefits that one can extract from the cannabis plants.

CBD isolate may be considered CBD in its truest form, but full-spectrum CBD is considered CBD in its best form.

3. Broad-Spectrum CBD

The broad-spectrum CBD falls in the middle of the spectrum in the whole range. CBD isolate is not as effective as full-spectrum since all the other beneficial compounds are filtered out. On the other hand, full-spectrum is highly helpful, but it contains a minute amount of THC and other necessary compounds.

However, in some states, the consumption of THC is still illegal, so broad-spectrum CBD has all the benefits of a full spectrum oil but without the THC. A broad-spectrum CBD oil checks all the state compliances and gives your dogs all the benefits of the CBD.

These are the main three types of CBD oils. However, before buying any CBD product for your dog, you must carefully read the fine lines of the product description. Some companies often use these terms interchangeably.

Benefits of full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs

1. It can help deal with seizures

CBD oil can prove effective for dogs that suffer from frequent seizures. These seizures could be caused due to any underlying illness. But, it is noted that when dogs are administered CBD oil, the frequency of their seizures is highly reduced.

2. Skin allergies and rashes

Dogs that lead an active lifestyle are more prone to rashes on skin allergies. Staying in the water for too long or a reaction because of infection is the primary reason to build up skin allergies and rashes. So, CBD salves can be applied topically on the area to relieve their pain and reduce inflammation.

3. Alleviate pain

There are times when dogs suffer from pain, and you cannot figure out why. Moreover, it is especially tough to alleviate an elder dog’s pain. While medicines with opioids are effective, they pose a health risk owing to their side effects in the long run.

So, if you are considering buying a CBD product for your dog, you must ensure that it is made from full-spectrum CBD to reap the proper benefits of the plant. Moreover, you must consult with the veterinarian regarding CBD oil dosage as it depends on the dog’s weight and other factors.

These are the benefits and different types of CBD oils available for dogs.