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As fast as pickleball is growing, learn why pickleball is better than tennis in various aspects, i.e. gaming interface, rules, and health benefits.

Why Pickleball is Better than Tennis | 5 Shocking Plus Points

Pickleball is more likely a younger version of tennis with more profound and simplified rules. Due to the ease of rules and tactics, it gained more popularity in just a few years, and is constantly growing, with hundreds of players recruiting every day. While a number of players quit tennis for pickleball, here’s why pickleball is better than tennis.

In terms of health benefits, playing skills, and gaming criteria, pickleball has an upper hand. In fact, you can just start playing today, by having just a paddle and a wiffle ball. We’ve found “the best pickleball paddles” giving the most honest reviews about the top-of-the-line paddles at a well-budgeted rate, with which you can get a hang of the game in no time.

Players of Any Level can Play

The biggest perk pickleball provides is the ease of game. Pickleball founders have made the rule so easy that children, women, and even the agile players can play the game like a pro. The serve has to be made underhand, which is easy for the joints, and the ball doesn’t have much bounce and damage effect to the body, hence it’s easily manageable.

Unlike tennis, you also don’t need power to ace the game. All gotta do is work on your shot placements and control. Plus, the court is shorter, so you have fewer movements which promotes a better stance on the game.

Easy to Learn

Pickleball has hardly 5-10 basic rules, which form 90% of the game. There are dinks, volleys, groundstrokes, and as few as three spins. So far, pickleball has just two unforced errors that revolve around the Non-Volley zone and 95% of the game are lost because of these. So, apparently, you just need to be careful with the kitchen or NVZ and the rest is just a piece of cake. Meanwhile, tennis has double faults and several other errors and requirements, which sometimes makes the game tough to play.

More Health Benefits

Since pickleball has a shorter court, players are always on the move. It provides more aerobic exercise and cardiac benefits than tennis because of increased shuffling. Tennis usually has sprinting, which requires a better fitness and in returns, contributes to fewer aerobics.

Interesting Rallies

Tennis rallies are only 3-4 shots longer. They’re tougher and often technical. In contrast, pickleball provides a better rally game. The rally can have slower dinks, then faster volleys, then spins, and much unpredictably between these varieties of shots. Plus, it can go for 11, 15, or 22 points, which elongates the rally even further.

Pickleball Is Faster

In pickleball, the server gets only 10 seconds to send the ball to the opposite side, while tennis extends this time to 20 seconds, which makes the game slower and sometimes, frustrating to play.


Each year, there’s a 50% rise in the pickleball tournaments, which itself speaks how dramatically the game is expanding just for the reason that it combines the racket sports in such a unique manner. Now you know why pickleball is better than tennis, get your gears on, and make up your spot in the pickleball national ratings.