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Best LIGHTWEIGHT Basketball Shoes (2017): Feel Lightning Quick with these Picks!

Some players prefer wearing heavier, bulkier footwear when they’re crashing the courts. Others prefer a more lightweight option that feels super quick, responsive, mobile and cloud-light on their feet. For those who are seeking the second option, here’s my list of the best lightweight basketball shoes.

Bringing you a quick list of six shoes that feel the lightest but also are good all-around performers. Here the best lightweight basketball shoes!



Best LIGHTWEIGHT Basketball Shoes: Kobe 11 EM


Kobe’s line is known for its ultra light and low designs but this one just blows the rest out of the water. For me personally, this is the lightest, most responsive and quickest feeling shoe out there right now.

If you really need the best sh*t in the market regarding those aspects and also require a crazy good and versatile performance package, the Kobe 11 EM is surely for you.

My Rating: 9.5/10 | Price: $160 | Weight: 11 oz | Type: Low Top

At just 11 ounces, this is as light and responsive as it gets. Great cushioning that doesn’t go all the way down to pure court feel, ridiculous traction, and solid support for a low top.

Combine responsive cushion, superb mobile fit and just 11 oz of weight and you got yourself the best lightweight shoe right here.

Best Place to Buy: AMAZON



Best LIGHTWEIGHT Basketball Shoes: Mamba Instinct


This is THE lightest shoe in terms of pure weight on this list. It’s just under 10 ounces which is f**king crazy. This would be my #2 pick simply because the 11 EM delivers more in terms of overall performance, especially in the cushion department. However, if you’re looking for a seriously light, responsive and low to the ground outdoor beater, this one’s for you.

My Rating: 9/10 | Price: $100 | Weight: 9.84 oz | Type: Low  Top

Once again Kobe nailed it with the shoe’s super lightweight and responsive feel to the shoe. The Mamba Instinct has Lunarlon cushioning which is pretty firm and low to the ground which makes it feel even lighter and faster. If you want a bit more bounce with impact protection, my #1 pick would be a better choice.

As far as traction and support go, these got you covered in a mobile-friendly way. No low top is gonna protect you from ankle rolls but this one does a fine job of gripping the floor and securing your foot properly.

Best Place to Buy: AMAZON | FINISH LINE

Best LIGHTWEIGHT Basketball Shoes: Crazy Explosive Low PK


Last year’s gem from adidas dominated the industry with the shoe’s amazing comfort, BOOST cushion that feels like heaven and great overall performance. The shoe has a Primeknit upper which makes it feel soooo damn light it’s not even funny.

My Rating: 9.5/10 | Price: $140 | Weight: 13.9 oz | Type: Low Top

These might not be the lightest in terms of actual weight but the feeling is very different from the numbers this time. The crazy light and thin Primeknit upper, cloud-like BOOST cushion and a very free & mobile fit is what makes this one so speedy to play in.

And on top of that, it’s one of the top performers of 2016 with great traction, unrivaled BOOST cushion, good all-around support and a premium upper.

Best Place to Buy: AMAZON

Best LIGHTWEIGHT Basketball Shoes: Crazylight Boost 2016


There’s a reason why this line’s called Crazy Light. Once again, not the lightest shoe in terms of ounces but adidas does a killer job in packing all the tech and features inside and still maintaining that light & comfy feel.

My Rating: 10/10 | Price: $120 | Weight: 13.06 oz | Type: Low Top

This one also comes in a Primeknit version but both are undeniably light and great basketball shoes. The CLB 2016 provides you awesome traction (good for outdoors), crazy good BOOST cushion that everyone loves, fantastic foot security and all that in a very lightweight fashion.

Best Place to Buy: AMAZON

Best LIGHTWEIGHT Basketball Shoes: Air Max Infuriate


This one of those hidden gems that not a lot actually know about. Well, keep your eyes open ’cause the Air Max Infuriate is a great all-around performer no matter how you play, it’s 80 FREAKIN’ BUCKS and it’s also very light & feels that way. There you go. Now you know.

My Rating: 9/10 | Price: $80 | Weight: 12.24 oz | Type: Low Top

How good can I hoop shoe be for $80? Very good. In fact, REALLY good. You get Air Max cushioning which is actually awesome, great hassle-free traction, moderate support for those who don’t need much and a solid upper.

And of course, these feel very light after putting them on. You don’t sink in the cushion too much, there’s plenty of mobility that I felt while playing and 12 oz is just not much.

Best Place to Buy: AMAZON | FINISH LINE

Best LIGHTWEIGHT Basketball Shoes: UA Charged Controller


Last but not least, another hidden gem by Under Armour that doesn’t get enough spotlight. The Charged controller provides solid performance at a mere 11 ounces of weight. Yeah, this one’s light as hell.

My Rating: 8/10 | Price: $100 | Weight: 11.11  oz | Type: Low Top

An amazing  & mobile fit combined with a responsive MicroG cushion setup, grippy traction, forgiving but not crappy support and a very soft & thin woven upper makes for a performance-friendly and light experience.

Best Place to Buy: AMAZON


Alright! That’s it for the list. I hope you found this one useful for your lightweight shoe search adventures.

What do you think about the list? Which one are you getting? Do you have a question or need advice?

Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

2 thoughts on “Best LIGHTWEIGHT Basketball Shoes (2017): Feel Lightning Quick with these Picks!”

  1. Jack says:

    Great post bro!! for me Mamba Instinct is the best in terms of cost-effectiveness….but, the one I already ordered and waited for the package coming would be the very best….which is Nike Infuriate Mid! Lolll

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Haven’t tried the Mid yet. Judging just how good the Low was, that one shouldn’t disappoint.

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