Playing Basketball Around the World

playing basketball

Basketball originated in the United States but has become a very popular sport played all over the world. In fact, basketball is the most popular online search in the USA, followed by other countries such as the Philippines, Australia, Canada, Iraq, and Mongolia. There are over 200 basketball-playing nations that compete against … Read more

Unusual Basketball Rules You Never Knew Existed

Unusual Basketball Rules You Never Knew Existed

Basketball is one of the most beloved sports not just in the United States (where the game originated) but also in most parts of the world. This popular sport enjoys millions of followers and has also turned into lucrative cash cow, attracting throngs of advertisers and netting billions of dollars each year. … Read more

Beautiful Wives of NBA Players

Amelia Vega. She is the first-ever Dominican Miss Universe; she won the contest in 2003. Not only that, but she also became the youngest woman to have ever been nominated for the contest. I suppose it is no wonder that she is married to a top basketball player of Boston Celtics Al … Read more

15 Interesting NBA Facts

The NBA is one of the most famous sports leagues in the whole world. Kids everywhere dream of being the next Lebron James or Stephen Curry and living out their hoop dreams. Here are a few facts about NBA that you will find interesting as a basketball fan. #1 Banned Air Jordan … Read more

Greatest NBA Quotes

Some call it just another ball sport. However, basketball fanatics swear that the game changes lives for the better. While both opinions are extreme, spectators cannot help being intrigued by the genuine charisma of the players. Yes, NBA (and basketball in general) has a history of great personalities. Whether they’re globally loved … Read more

Evolution of the Classic Starting 5 Basketball Positions

Whenever you talk to a basketball enthusiast, they talk as if the game wouldn’t have been what it is today if the NBA history didn’t happen. In layman’s terms, it’s hard to argue that every new version of greatness hasn’t been influenced by the NBA traditions of the past. You can’t imagine … Read more

Tips for Preventing Athlete’s Foot

Basketball players are often at risk for ailments and injuries around the foot, ankle, legs and knees. One of these ailments is perhaps the most common: athlete’s foot.   Athlete’s foot – also called tinea pedis – is a fungal infection that affects the skin of the foot. Not only is athlete’s foot … Read more

Tips for Caring for the Feet of a Baller

Making those awesome fadeaway jump shots, struggling for an offensive rebound, dashing across the court for a steal or leaping to block the opponent – you do anything to keep your team in the game. But being an active baller, you know all too well about the likelihood of suffering tiredness or … Read more

History of Air Jordans

History of Air Jordans

Air Jordan is a signature brand of shoes produced by Nike. The first ever Air Jordan was created exclusively for Michael Jordan in 1984. When it was released to the public in 1985, it became one of the most popular basketball shoes ever. Today, there are a total of thirty-two Air Jordan … Read more

History of the Basketball Shoe


There are many different brands and styles of basketball shoes today. They are designed for high jumps and fancy maneuvers, but are also worn for everyday fashion in the present time. The game of basketball originated in 1891, but did you know that the first sneaker specifically designed for it didn’t come … Read more