Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

The classic jordons

When it comes to buying the best outdoor basketball shoes, there are several factors you need to consider. Not every basketball shoe out there is supposed to be a perfect fit. It depends on your position as well as your playing style. Plus, selecting the right pair is crucial for stability, control, … Read more

THE Best Basketball Shoes: Let Me Explain

THE Best Basketball Shoes: Let Me Explain

Aaaaah, the famous question in the basketball world: what are the best basketball shoes? I’m actually really excited and happy to talk to you guys about this, ’cause I have some thoughts. šŸ˜€ So today we will be discussing what’s wrong with the phrase “the best basketball shoes”, explaining how to fix … Read more

LOW Basketball Shoes vs HIGH TOPS: What to Choose?

Low Basketball Shoes vs High Tops: What to Choose?

The famous battle people always bring up is low basketball shoes vs high tops. What should you choose? What about the ones in between? So today we will be talking exactly about that and I will try to answer most of these concerns. We will be going through these topics: differences between … Read more

Best LOW TOP Basketball Shoes To Date!

Best LOW TOP Basketball Shoes to Date!

Today we are going to take a look at the best low top basketball shoes. We are aiming for basketball performance, technologies, well-built materials and a reasonable price. Opposite of high-tops, low cut shoes are starting to dominate the sneaker industry. Unlike high’s, there are LOTS of good performing sneakers to choose … Read more

Best HIGH TOP Basketball Shoes To Date!

Best HIGH TOP Basketball Shoes: Nike Kobe IX Elite

Right away, I’m going to tell you that the popularity of high-tops is decreasing and has already decreased pretty significantly. That means big shoe brands such as Nike, Air Jordan, adidas or Under Armour is barely making any high-tops. Regardless, there are still SOME good high shoes left. So for those who … Read more

Best Basketball Shoes For Big Men

Best Basketball Shoes

Big men are tall, strong and heavy. Because of that, they put a lot of strain and stress on their joints, knees and ankles. That’s why they need the right type of shoes for the job. Today I’ll talk about the best basketball shoes for big men! Let’s get right into the … Read more