Best HIGH TOP Basketball Shoes To Date!

Best HIGH TOP Basketball Shoes: Nike Kobe IX Elite

Right away, I’m going to tell you that the popularity of high-tops is decreasing and has already decreased pretty significantly. That means big shoe brands such as Nike, Air Jordan, adidas or Under Armour is barely making any high-tops. Regardless, there are still SOME good high shoes left. So for those who …

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Best Basketball Shoes UNDER 50 DOLLARS!

Best Basketball Shoes Under 50 Dollars!

Let me tell you something. $50 is way to small of a budget to get a solid basketball shoe. If you only have 50 bucks in your pocket, looking at the latest or even 2-3 year old models is just not what you should do. However, that DOES NOT mean you can’t buy …

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Best Basketball Shoes For Big Men

Best Basketball Shoes

Big men are tall, strong and heavy. Because of that, they put a lot of strain and stress on their joints, knees and ankles. That’s why they need the right type of shoes for the job. Today I’ll talk about the best basketball shoes for big men! Let’s get right into the …

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Best Basketball Shoes For Guards

THE Best Basketball Shoes

Guards are fast, light, explosive and quick on their feet. Because of that, they need the right shoes to fit their playstyle. This is without a doubt the biggest category of shoes since LOTS of today’s releases are focused for guards. It can be difficult to pick the right ones, so I’m …

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Shoe Tech

This section is dedicated to the people who aren’t familiar with popular basketball shoe tech. It is very widely used by popular brands and they are very important to achieve optimal performance. This article lists some of the frequently used shoe technologies. Knowing more about shoe tech terminology will help you understand …

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11 Best Basketball Shoes of 2015!

11 Best Basketball Shoes Of 2015

Even though 2016 is pretty much halfway, last year was INCREDIBLE for ball players. So that’s why I’m going to talk about the 11 best basketball shoes of 2015! I have full reviews of all these shoes, so click on the name if you’re interested. I’ve categorized all the shoes into performance aspects, …

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Best Sneakers of 2015: The Power of Nike and adidas

Best Sneakers Of 2015: The Power of Nike and adidas

While we’re at 2016 now, the previous year was strong for sneakers. Take a look at best sneakers of 2015 by Nike and adidas, we’ll save Air Jordan for later.   Nike Air Huaraches     These massively popular shoes gained attention in the USA and became an international phenomenon. For most people, …

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