Nike Dunk SB Basketball Shoe Review

Nike Dunk SB Basketball Shoe Review

With the Nike Dunk SB Cigar City release, the basketball shoe market has once again turned on its head. Not, since the Air Jordan has a basketball shoe been so popular. This is mainly due to two things. The first being the style, which has caused this excellent response. The secondary reason … Read more

NBA Sneaker Deals: Nike’s Next Generation

For players in the NBA and fans alike, tuning in to see the next major shoe deals from top athletes is exciting. With Nike accounting for nearly 70% of all shoes worn in the league, the company’s signature shoe deals create major hype throughout the sports industry and lend credibility to a player’s star power. … Read more

Should You Get Paul George Shoes?

Paul George is a famous NBA player who got his first signature shoes from Nike in September 2016, known as PG-1. Paul had played six seasons in the league; he had to wait a long time for these shoes’ contract to be finalized and made. It took Nike three years to make … Read more

Remembering Kobe Bryant through Nike Ads

As we all know, Kobe Bryant lost his life on January 26, 2020, in a helicopter crash. Their helicopter crashed near their home in California with his 13-year-old daughter, six family friends, and a pilot. Kobe Bryant, a 41-year-old former Laker, was going with his daughter, Gianna, to a youth basketball tournament … Read more

Comparing Nike vs. Under Armour – Which is best?

In the sportswear industry, there are a number of brands claiming to be the best brand, but there are two sportswear brands which are the best sellers because of the quality and durability of their products. And those are “Nike” and “Under Armour.” Additionally, both Nike and Under Armour offer custom apparel … Read more

Nike Hyperdunk X 2018 Review

All about the Nike Hyperdunk’s anniversary shoe, the Hyperdunk X 2018 The Nike Hyperdunk is one of the longest-running series in the realm of basketball sneakers. In 2008, Nike found the perfect timing to launch the first Hyperdunk during the Beijing Olympics. The US basketball team was hungry for a win after … Read more

Signature Shoes – Nike LeBron 15 “Diamond Turf” Edition

The world of signature and endorsed basketball shoes continues to expand with more and more unique and specialized releases. There are whole sites dedicated to tracking the release of new shoes by the major brands and players. The Nike LeBron 15 “Diamond Turf” pays a homage to former pro football and baseball … Read more

Nike Air VaporMax 95

Giving a modern take on the “Neon” Air Max 95, the Nike Air Vapormax 95 was released. Combining the upper of the classic Air Max 95 and the tooling of VaporMax, this hybrid runner sneakers was one of the VaporMax hybrids that Nike has released in 2018. The iconic design by Sergio … Read more