Basketball Players Who Died Young

The jump ball that starts the game, known as the opening tip, takes place at the center court.

A young basketball player passing away is just sad to hear. There is always going to be that one person who looks up to them. Fortunately, we have many basketball players alive today that continue putting a positive impact on the younger generation.  2020, we had to bear the loss of Kobe … Read more

Richest Basketball Players in History

Michael Jordan in 1992

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in America and the NBA players are some of the wealthiest individuals on the planet. Over the years, the NBA has produced legends and icons including Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. Although each player differs from another in terms of records and skills, these … Read more

Most Legendary 90’s Basketball Shoes

Most Legendary 90’s Basketball Shoes

The nineties were a great time for many things. Music, cinema, television and pop culture all seemed to hit a high-point during the decade. Another thing that was at the top of its game in the nineties was basketball. The NBA became one of the most watched and lauded leagues in the … Read more

Top 5 Movies About Basketball

Top 5 Movies About Basketball

Movies about sports and athletes have been dominating the screens worldwide for a very long time, mainly because these movies give people precisely what they crave: a burst of inspiration. Most of us are just stuck in our daily ruts and pace through our lives unintentionally. Movies that bring the story of … Read more

The Worst Basketball Teams of All Time

Silhouette of men playing basketball. 

Basketball a team sport of commonly five players each. Each five-player plays on specific five playing positions. The tallest player is in the center, the second tallest and strongest is a power forward. A slightly shorter and agile player is small forward, and the shortest players are point guard, shooting guard, and … Read more

Fun and Unusual Fact about Basketball

Basketball Court, Player shooting the Ball, James Naismith, Hoop and net, 1st basketball, Micheal Jordan holding the ball

Informally known as Hoops, Basketball is a team sport, game is mostly played in-doors and played on a rectangular court. Two teams consisting of five players each; try to shoot a basketball through an elevated hoop of the defending team. The hoop is approximately 9.4 inches in diameter and is elevated 10 … Read more

Most Expensive Jordan’s Ever Sold

Most Expensive Jordan’s Ever Sold

The Michael Jordan brand has lived long on past his basketball playing career due to him being one of the best ever playersin the game. Back in 1984 when he struck the major Mike deal, Jordan wouldn’t know how big his sneaker collection would become and due to it being so big … Read more

James Naismith – the father of basketball

James Naismith Statue Almonte

The development of a sport discipline, unlike that of a scientific discovery, cannot usually be pinpointed to a particular moment in time. A single person can rarely be credited with so much, but it is the case for James Naismith. The Canadian is believed to be a true “father” of basketball. Of … Read more

Interesting Facts About Basketball You May Not Know

Basketball is a very popular team sport where two teams with five players each try to score points by shooting a ball through the basketball hoop. Many people love to play basketball for a lot of reasons. In fact, even those who don’t like it that much can play it occasionally. It … Read more

Unusual Basketball Rules You Never Knew Existed

Unusual Basketball Rules You Never Knew Existed

Basketball is one of the most beloved sports not just in the United States (where the game originated) but also in most parts of the world. This popular sport enjoys millions of followers and has also turned into lucrative cash cow, attracting throngs of advertisers and netting billions of dollars each year. … Read more