History of Converse

Girl wearing yellow Converse shoes

Converse founded in the 20th century has completed 113 years. They started their journey from cutting-edge sportswear and now they are manufacturing casual-retro beater shoes. An American shoe company has been distributing sneakers, skating shoes, apparel, lifestyle brand footwear, and accessories. The American athletic shoe market was dominated by Converse for more … Read more

Stylish Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes

Whether you’re going for an affordable and minimalistic look, a premium Converse, or a classic, it doesn’t get any more iconic than the Converse Chuck Taylor shoes. There’s one for everyone in this globe, no really. Introduced first in the 1900s, the popular silhouette is no longer admired just for offering versatile … Read more

Who Was Chuck Taylor and Why Is a Popular Basketball Shoe Named After Him?

It looks like many people have worn a pair of Chuck Taylor’s, the famous canvas shoes that have been around since 1917.  But perhaps not everyone can have the genuine “Chucks.” In 2014, Nike filed a lawsuit against 31 companies – from Wal-Mart to K-Mart – over claims that they copied the … Read more