Tips for Maximizing Your Chances of Getting Good Players in a Fantasy Draft

An example of a complete in-person fantasy draft board

Fantasy soccer is a top-rated game, with millions around the world participating in various leagues. The game is simple enough to play, as it involves playing with real-life players and forming your own imaginary teams. The players on these teams score points based on their real-life statistical performance alongside their perceived contribution …

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How Are Fantasy Points Calculated?

Fantasy soccer is a well-loved game where the participants assemble a team made of pre-existing members in an effort to gather as many points as they can to win. These points are based on the players in the team and their actual statistical performance, and their contribution on the field.  These points …

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What Do Player Rankings Really Mean?

It is often hard to gauge how good a player is without having any measure, especially in Fantasy games, where everything depends on the players’ performance. This performance is converted into points, which is how the winners and losers are determined.  In modern times, sophisticated algorithms have popped up that can quickly …

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How To Navigate ESPN’s Fantasy Site

Fantasy sport has been gaining immense popularity over the years. It is an online game where participants assemble an imaginary team of real-life professional players. These teams compete to earn points, and the points are based on the statistical performance of those real-life players.  Once the match is over, the performance is …

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How To Maximize Your Points for Your Fantasy Soccer Games

Fantasy soccer has gained massive popularity over the years and has grown exponentially, with millions worldwide playing it. Part of the fun is the highly competitive nature of the game. You have to be knowledgeable in soccer, strategic, and have good luck to excel at it.  Fantasy football includes the participants assembling …

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Tips for Picking the Hottest Players to Draft for your Fantasy Soccer Team

Fantasy Soccer is taking the world by storm, with over 41 million participants. In this game, a participant picks players that play real-life professional soccer and creates an imaginary team. The score points of these teams are based on the player’s actual real-life statistical performance and their perceived contribution on the field …

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