eSports teams that are the most famous in the world

Top ESports Teams

The popularity of cybersports with competitions involving video games keeps growing. The battles take place in real-time in two modes – online and offline. In the first case, the players who are part of a team are at their homes. They team up with each other only over the network. In the second, they are invited to an equipped arena.

The page provides a definition. Readers can also check out the history of the games. When and how were they equalized with real sports? Global tournaments began after 2000.

Disciplines and Famous Teams

There are several disciplines in cybersports. The first places in popularity are occupied by Dota 2, CS:GO, and Lol. Each of them has teams whose performances are watched during live broadcasts. Their names and prize amounts in USD are given in the table below. The information is grouped by discipline.

Dota 2

1 PSG.LGD 7,037,255
2 Tundra Esports 720,606
3 Team Secret 15,783,970
4 Team Aster 1,533, 608
5 Team Liquid 23,240,728


1 Heroic 2,105,146
2 FaZe Clan 5,567,278
3 Natus Vincere 8,870,405
4 Outsiders
5 Team Liquid 5,375,340


1 Gen.G Esports 773,750
2 T1 5,240,775
4 Royal Never Give 4,028,448
5 Vitality.Bee


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Dota 2 Teams

Dota 2 is one of the most famous and popular games. Almost all bookmakers accept bets on it. Famous teams include PSG.LGD with the current roster of five:

  • Ruida Zhang;
  • Chunyu Wang;
  • Yiping Zhang;
  • Zixing Zhao;
  • Jin Xiang.

The Chinese team has been playing since its founding in 2009. Athletes participate in tournaments and championships. Tundra Esports wins about 50% of the matches in Europe (in the top division). Its composition can be called international. The participants include Leon Kirilin, Oliver Lepko, Martin Sazdov, Neta Shapiraskiter, and Jingjun Wu.

Team Secret is a team founded in 2014. Four months after its creation, it won a major tournament. It was called XMG Captains Draft 2.0. Only Clement Ivanov, also known as Puppey has played since its founding.

Team Aster is a cybersports organization from China, founded in 2018. It has shown strength from the very beginning. Members have won local qualifications and local tournaments. The roster has changed many times. At the moment it has the following members:

  • Lin Jing;
  • Zhibiao Ye;
  • Du Peng;
  • Jiaoyang Zeng;
  • Yu Yajun.

Team Liquid is a well-known organization that was created in the Netherlands in 2000. In 2012, it was joined by participants from North America. A year later, the team received an invitation to The International. After the tournament, there were changes in the roster, which culminated in a complete renewal.

CS:GO Teams

CS:GO is the second most popular eSports discipline. It is chosen by individual participants, among which Heroic stands out. The Danish organization, founded in 2016, wins 70% of its matches. It is considered the average performer because of repeated changes in the composition.

FaZe Clan is one of the most famous teams that is willing to spend money to attract professional players. It was created in the United States in 2016. Natus Vincere is a famous team that performs under the flag of Ukraine.

Outsiders is a Russian organization that wins 67% of its matches. Team Liquid, founded in 2000, is also in the top five. In 2017 and 2018 it was at the world’s top.

Reasons for the Popularity of Cybersports among Young People

The popularity of games among young people is growing. This is due to the growth of the prize fund, as well as the regular holding of tournaments and championships. There are six other reasons for its popularity.

  1. Opportunities for everyone. Unlike real sports, you do not need the presence of a gym in the community. Sufficient facilities include a computer connected to the Internet.
  2. There is no division by gender. Both boys and girls can play on the same team.
  3. Money. The commercial component is taken into account – a large prize fund is distributed between the members of successful teams.
  4. Irrelevance of physical fitness. Users of all ages and weights can play. There are no restrictions that exist in real sports. Young people differ from middle-aged people only with fast responses.
  5. Spectacle. Arenas are built so that the players are at the center of attention. Like the stars, they capture the eyes of the fans.
  6. Globalization. Teams from all over the world can compete. Also, a resident of the United States can learn tactics from a citizen of China.

The development of cybersports attracts the attention of sponsors. Advertising in the arena during the championship can be productive, especially if the target audience is young people.


In the world, cybersports are popular among 3,000,000 people (the number is comparable to that of hockey fans). Some play themselves, while others watch competitions online. The growth rate of fans impresses even skeptics. The most common disciplines include Dota 2, CS:GO, and Lol. Competitions are held during global tournaments. This is when a large prize pool is drawn among the winners.

CNN’s news site has a selection of articles about cybersports. They can be found at Information about games with role models for young people is available to readers. The promising gamers are reviewed: biography, life path, and plans for the future.