Gerd Muller is one of the best players in the Bundesliga

Bundesliga is one of the most prestigious European football leagues. Among the leading players of the German league, it is worth highlighting Gerd Muller, who scored a record number of goals in his career. Of course, now there are young talents who demonstrate unsurpassed today scores on the field, but still, Muller’s experience will be useful to many future generations.

The footballer became the world and European champion, and also took the European Cup three times. He was the goalscorer for Bayern Munich and the German national team. Muller is considered to be one of the best forwards in world football. Most of the fans can say that there are good players now, their today’s scores on the field are quite significant. No one is going to dispute this. Further, you can simply learn about the great football player of the past.

Muller’s recipe for success

The secret of the success of the German striker is quite simple. It is intensive training. Muller knew exactly where the opponent’s goal was, and that was his strategy. If the goal couldn’t be scored with the foot, he used his shoulder, chest or thigh. Due to these exercises, his Bundesliga results of those times were stunning, which made Gerd one of the most productive football players in Europe.

During the game, it seemed to many that Muller scored random goals, but when he scored a lot of goals, the question of randomness disappeared immediately. Most football observers even thought that Gerd had a special gift. However, the reason for its success lies in:

  • maneuverability;
  • plasticity;
  • ability to attack the goal from any angle.

Many people try to compare the great football player of the past with modern legends. For example, Lewandowski plays automatically, his movements are mechanically verified, while Muller has a natural gift. But what surely unites Gerd and Robert – is that they are both devoted to Bayern Munich.

Gerd will surely outshine Ronaldo in the penalty area, clogged with players. Messi has a completely different tactic. It turns out that it makes no sense to compare Gerd Muller and the leading players of our time. Each of the current players in the German championship is good in his place. Everyone has their own tactics, which bring unsurpassed results Bundesliga, that delight fans.