Get To Know the Biggest Poker Cheating Attempted By Mike Postle

For a very long time in this world, the game of poker is played. People find out several ways to cheat and take the money out of the pockets of genuine gamblers. But in the year 2019, something big happened. A gambler named Mike Postle was alleged to cheating in the game of Poker.

Some people know in detail about this cheating, but there are plenty of people out there who know the bits and pieces about the case. Today, let us go for the Mike Postle Poker Cheating case to aware the gambler about this type of cheating and save them from any such issue any further in life.

How The Journey Of Mike Postle Cheating Started?

Mike Postle is one out of those groups of gamblers who use poker rooms to play poker and live stream their game. This is a technique that has gained plenty of popularity and also attracts some high stake gamblers. He has started his journey from the stone gambling hall that is located in California.

Mike Postle was the player who has played and won some big hands that have attracted the gamblers. For a more extended period, it is seen that he always comes with some great tricks and bluffs to give tough fights and win some great hands. Throughout the years 2018 and 2019, he has won many sessions and become the favorite of the commentators and an inspiration for other gamblers at the stone hall.

People who knew him from the year 2018 said that he was a good player but not such an elite one that he is winning such huge hands in poker. The story of evaluation of his cheating comes up when a lady named Veronica brill has started seeing the sessions of Postle. She is not a great player of Poker but is excellent in poker statistics and mathematics related to the game of poker.

She noticed that the style he is using is not related to the game theory Optimal than winning such a large amount in the game. She keeps noticing it do a more extended period, and later in the year 20198 in March, she has approached the manager of the stone and told her everything in detail. When the manager has heard her concern, he has dismissed with a stamen that the Stone room’s priority is security.

There is no chance that he is cheating for such a long period. The one fact that Brill was worried about the most is that Mr. Postle uses the RFID signal used for the live streaming in the table. With the perfect and proper use of those signals, he can know the cards of people sitting against him in the poker room. But the manager has not heard from her and dismissed her request as he did to others.

How The Issue Went Public?

For several periods, Brill kept on noticing Mike Postle’s game and saw that stone hall is taking no step against him. In September, she has raised her voice against Postle in one of his live streams, saying that it is not possible to win the way he is playing. Adding to her statement, she has said that’ she is not sure to 100 percent that Mike Postle is cheating, but the chances of his cheating in the game are more than 0 percent’. There is some issue with Mike Postle’s gameplay, and she has accused him on the live stream and saying that all the other gamblers playing with him should be aware of him as he is taking money out of the pockets of people unfairly.

On such an accusation put by veronica, some of the excellent and renowned players of the club have warned her that these are very serious allegations, and she cannot say this about such a good player without any evidence. Those people were right as everything she was saying is based on statistics and math but not any practical proof.

What Happened After Allegation?

There is a whole mammoth standing in the world of poker after these accusations. On one side were the people who believed that he is not a cheater, and on the other side were those who have believed that he is surely doing something wrong and cheating. The poker community worldwide is very quick in taking action against all the accusations and has done the same in this case. There were hours of videos of live steam of Mike Postle playing poker that can prove that veronica’s allegation is genuine or just a myth.

When the videos of live streams were checked properly, then it is seen that he has done a total of 69 live sessions of poker in those sessions out of 69 in 62 sessions, he has won the game. It means that the winning rate is too high, like a thousand dollars an hour, which makes his total winning in the 62 sessions of 2.5 million dollars. On such a great number of statistics, the community was convinced that some cheating was going on the table where he is playing as such numbers are impossible. On this, Mike said that all of these numbers and facts are bullish.

How He Cheated?

Mike Postle has used a very simple technique of using the software in which the live streams get the hands’ information while the hands are still in progress. These reports were sent to Postle’s phone, and based on that information of hand; he used to cheat other players. After his many people who have lost money to him has started coming back to stones and files litigations against them.

In the end, it is seen that almost 90 poker players have filed a charge sheet demanding a total of 30 million dollars from stones and Postle, both as a part of their financial damage redemption.


The court of California has dismissed all the cases and said that the losses caused due to gambling are not under the legal proceedings, and later on, Postle strikes back. He has done a case of defamation on everybody that does not make any changes in people who think he is cheating.