You may have heard about the benefits of cannabis as a pre-workout supplement, but how does it actually work? A study published in Frontiers of Public Health examined 605 people and their experiences. Many of the respondents said that cannabis helped motivate them before a workout.

The study also points out that cannabis has stimulating and hallucinogenic effects when used in high doses. However, cannabis is typically considered to be a depressant that lowers energy levels. This also explains why many users tend to buy  Zkittlez seeds and grow them at home.


A recent study has suggested that recreational marijuana users may benefit from the effects of cannabis as a pre-workout. The study found that marijuana use prior to exercise increases the enjoyment of the workout, while using it afterward improves recovery. Interestingly, half of the participants said that cannabis increased their motivation to exercise. Moreover, cannabis users performed more vigorous exercises, including aerobic exercises. It may be an effective pre-workout option for athletes who are concerned about side effects.


A pre-workout supplement containing cannabis can help athletes improve their performance during intense workouts. In addition to improving recovery time, cannabis also eases the pain of sore muscles. Exercising is a stressful process, and CBD can help your muscles stay focused and recover faster. CBD also helps reduce muscle soreness and inflammation, a common side effect of exercise. Taking cannabis before a workout can help athletes return to the gym sooner and improve recovery time.


A new study suggests marijuana consumption before a workout may boost athletic performance. The study surveyed 605 people and found that those who used cannabis pre-workouts reported greater motivation. In fact, cannabis’s effects on the brain are similar to runner’s high and can even enhance athletic performance. However, there are several caveats to using marijuana as a pre-workout. Firstly, marijuana is highly addictive and can result in a depressive effect, which is often the opposite of the intended effect.


If you’ve ever wondered if cannabis can help you during your workout, you’re not alone. Some people report feeling “runner’s high” while using cannabis. In fact, many cannabis strains are said to help improve physical endurance. For example, a high person can hold a difficult plank for longer than a sober one. That may be why so many people claim to feel “runner’s high” when they’re high. Check out OG Kush Strain Review to learn more.

Taking cannabis before a workout

Taking cannabis as a pre-work out supplement is one way to enhance your workout routine and performance. It relieves muscle tension and is an effective pain killer. It also reduces the effects of DOMS and AMS, which are common after workouts. It can also help with the high you get after an intense workout. It can even help you relax before bed, so you can continue your workout uninterrupted.

Side effects

The use of marijuana before a workout may have a number of adverse side effects. Marijuana can impair judgment and motor control. Marijuana should be consumed in a controlled environment. As a result, marijuana users should avoid street running, cycling, skydiving, and other strenuous activities. They should also take smaller doses than people who regularly consume marijuana. The following are the side effects of cannabis as a pre-workout.

Indica strains

If you’re looking for a cannabis pre-workout product, consider Bruce Banner. This high-THC strain offers a boost in energy and euphoria while maintaining a delicate flavor profile. While it’s more Sativa than Indica, this strain’s high is full-body and dissolves quickly. However, it does have a tendency to cause muscle aches and pains.