How Is Basketball Betting Different From Other Sports?

Basketball is one of the most played and watched sports on the planet and few other sports can compete with the overall worldwide appeal of both the sport, and the ability to place bets on it. Heralding from deep roots within American culture, basketball remains a big money industry and it is the NBA in America that continues to dominate the column inches for basketball and the social media platforms.

In many senses, basketball is very similar to the other biggest sports in the world such as football and American football. All of the biggest players on the planet are global superstars, earning astronomical sums of money and all of the matches at the highest level make for compelling viewing, for both those in the stands and those watching at home.

That popularity and relatability however isn’t perhaps all it seems, with basketball betting often presenting unique opportunities for punters – making basketball punting somewhat different from many other sports. Bookmakers like those recommended by Legalbet.UK are all too aware of the niches within the basketball betting fraternity and with increased opportunities and markets to access, basketball betting enthusiasts have plenty of great betting options at their disposal.

So how can basketball betting differ from some other sports?

Multiple Basketball Betting Options

The emergence of a global calendar within the game of basketball has opened up a wealth of betting opportunities for punters at all levels of bankroll. Whilst many other sports such as football has a huge global appeal, with fixtures taking place almost 24/7, 365 days per year, basketball compared to the other main American sports has a far bigger reach and as a result, gives punters more choice.

American basketball leagues continue to dominate the betting landscape for basketball punters but emerging competitions in Australia, Asia and Europe are all proving to be highly competitive and they all present chances to punters as they look to expand their basketball betting roster.

High Scoring Games

One of the biggest anomalies when it comes to basketball betting, is the sheer number of points that are generally scored in each match. Across 48 minutes of action, defence is very rarely the priority for teams, as they look to outscore the opposition – in order to win the match.

Whilst it can make for tough viewing for fans, especially those who support a given team, the high scoring nature of most basketball games give punters the chance to get on board with the increased numerical units involved and hopefully, pick up some winning bets.

Such high scoring presents huge opportunities to bettors, as that element of unpredictability is something they can look to exploit. In addition, it is often very difficult for sportsbooks to pre-empt how certain games are going to pan out, even at the elite level, as high scoring games happen with such frequency.

All of this relative uncertainty in the market plays into the punters favour but also makes basketball betting very different from many other sports. Whilst games such as soccer and ice hockey are often decided by just the odd goal and the likes of American football or rugby often have a handful of points between the two sides at full time, over 200 points can often be scored in a basketball game across the two teams – something that makes the sport unique.

Individual Player Focus

Such is the superstardom that most players enjoy in the NBA that every player that steps on to the court is under immediate scrutiny from the second they cross the white line. That impacts directly on how each individual player is performing and with more stats and betting markets available than ever before, there is a huge focus on every individual player in any given basketball game.

The individual player points market is huge within the betting fraternity, as punters look to gamble on how many points a given player will score in any given game. Unlike sports such as football where the bet will be placed on a player to score a goal, in the world of basketball, backing a player to score a certain number of points is an accessible and potentially lucrative betting market.

In Conclusion

Whilst the similarities between basketball and many other sports remain pertinent, basketball carries many unique elements that makes basketball betting quite different from many other sports. In case you are interested in making bets on basketball you can always find a reliable bookmaker for that at Legalbet.UK which publishes their lists and offers.