How Polish Online Casinos Have Changed In 2022

Advancements in technology and the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the online gambling industry in Poland. “Casino online polskie have adopted many new technologies which have significantly improved user experience and increased the casino’s revenue. Let’s discuss five changes that have had a major impact on the Polish gambling industry in 2020. 

1. Payment Methods

Several years ago, debit cards were online casinos’ most convenient and popular payment method. However, the situation has changed with the launch of a mobile payment system called BLIK. Currently, the process of depositing funds to the casino balance called “kasyno online wpłata BLIK” in Polish is carried out without hassles, thanks to BLIK.

Cryptocurrency is the second major change in the payment methods of Polish online casinos. The popularity of Bitcoin and Ethereum has made gambling operators add crypto as a deposit and withdrawal method. In addition, the adoption of blockchain technologies by online casinos has drastically increased their revenue and encouraged many gamblers to play more often. The benefits explain it all: crypto transactions are carried out instantly and anonymously. 

2. Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has strengthened its place in online casinos in 2022. Like everywhere in the world, Polish punters also find it more convenient to play casino games on their mobile devices. The demand has made online casinos develop mobile applications or optimize their websites for smartphones. The latter is more widespread as most bettors prefer to access casino games via a browser rather than download an application. 

Though slots are the most popular game, Polish gamblers also like playing poker, roulette, and other casino games on their smartphones. The only condition is the availability of a stable and superfast internet connection. 

3. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and Metaverse have significantly changed the online gambling industry. Gambling operators have created casinos in virtual reality where bettors can visit, play, and communicate with other players. It creates an atmosphere of a land-based casino where the gamblers can physically sit around the table, see each other and the dealer, and have a conversation. 

Unlike online casinos, cryptocurrencies and NFTs are Metaverse’s most popular payment methods. Players can connect their crypto wallet to their Metaverse account and deposit cryptos to their casino account. Then, in the case of winning, players can transfer the funds to their crypto wallet and even cash out in fiat currencies. 

4. Live Casino

Online casinos have significant advantages over land-based ones. For example, players can access their favorite games within seconds without leaving their homes. But nowadays, most people miss human communication, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic and international lockdowns.

Hence, live casinos are a perfect solution. On the one hand, the bettors don’t have to travel to play games or wager their bonuses. On the other hand, players have a chance to communicate with live dealers, make jokes, or discuss the game. Modern online casinos in Poland also have chat rooms that make the game more entertaining. Gambling operators do everything to recreate the atmosphere and vibe of land-based casinos as they know that players miss it. 

5. Using VPN in Restricted Area

The Poland government imposes strict laws and regulations on the online gambling industry. For example, some casino games are banned while others are available with many restrictions. Moreover, the country has banned some foreign casino websites as well. 

Previously, players had to accept and put up with the situation that their favorite games were banned. But the situation has now changed due to the VPN technology. 

Now players can change their location, i.e., IP address via VPN, and access to the casino websites restricted or banned in Poland. The VPN can efficiently hide the player’s actual location and help him enjoy the game.