How to Get a Basketball Scholarship: 5 Best Options for Students

Every year, high-school students look for scholarships so they can afford to go to college without acquiring debt. Every university and college has its own quotas for different grants. For example, you can apply for military grants, academic scholarships, or need-based assistance. At the same time, athletic grants remain the most popular type of student aid.

In case you are extremely good at basketball and have plans to make it your career, why not look for a basketball scholarship? Unfortunately, the competition is pretty tough in this field, just like in any other sport in general. Hundreds, if not thousands, of high-school graduates have to compete against each other to secure a spot in the list for a college basketball aid.

You need to set yourself apart from the competition! First of all, the applicant needs to have talent. Secondly, the admission committee will be looking at your grades as well. In case your GPA is not as great as you might want it to be, use an EssayHub writing essays service while you still have time! You can go to practice and leave the academic part to the professionals.


So, are you ready to face the competition? Here are the five best options for students to get a basketball scholarship!

What are the benefits of applying for a scholarship?

Of course, almost all high-school learners already know a thing or two about what they want in terms of their studies and future career. If you are good at something, you might as well use it to your advantage! So, in case you are still looking for some encouragement, here are some advantages of pursuing your own college grant:

  • you won’t have any accumulated debt and student loans after graduation;
  • you will definitely improve your network for your future career;
  • you will receive mentorship opportunities;
  • you won’t be able to work, but you might not even need to when most of your expenses are covered!

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the ways that can get you closer to getting your own basketball scholarship! There is a huge market for those learners who can excel in sports and the academic field at the same time. You still have some work to do, even if you love basketball and have achieved something in this field already!

Practice and more practice!

This shouldn’t even be a separate tip. Every athlete knows that constant practice is key to excellence. Students have to remember that they are not alone in their desire to get a scholarship. Hundreds of people get rejected every year because of minor mistakes in their game. For this reason, you need to stay healthy, work out, and follow your routine!

Collect all the necessary documents

Think of anything that college recruiters might want to see from you. This list can include transcripts, test results, your sport, academic stats, or some other things that are relevant to your college experience. Use essaypro reviews to improve your GPA! Having a trusted essay service by your side will let you shift focus to more important things.

Register with the National Collegiate Athletic Association

This is a mandatory process for all applicants who even want to be considered for a college grant. Many young athletes get rejected only because they forgot or didn’t even think about registering with the NCAA! Don’t miss out on your chance because of this simple formality. This process will confirm that you are an amateur athlete worthy of recognition.

Make a video with highlights from your games

Think of this as your video resume. You can send it out with your applications, or you can use it in case a scout approaches you. In any case, with a little bit of effort, you can make something that will come in handy in the future. Here are some features students can use in their videos to make them more attractive:

  • stick to the 3-5-minute mark;
  • include more elements, like defending, passing, scoring, and moving on the court without the ball;
  • don’t use any distractions, like music or editing;
  • post it online, so you can send out a link.


Reach out first!

There are so many talented young people out there who can be considered for some kind of financial assistance from their chosen universities. Sometimes scouts don’t have enough focus to learn about every promising athlete. You won’t stand any chance at all if you don’t make yourself known! Put yourself out there on a college radar and wait for a perfect match.

To Sum Up

So there you have it, five tips for students about getting a college basketball scholarship! This path won’t be easy because you will have to make yourself noticeable in comparison to the rest of the competition. Still, there is a pretty good chance that with enough determination and hard work, you will get the opportunity of a lifetime!