How To Maximize Your Points for Your Fantasy Soccer Games

Fantasy soccer has gained massive popularity over the years and has grown exponentially, with millions worldwide playing it. Part of the fun is the highly competitive nature of the game. You have to be knowledgeable in soccer, strategic, and have good luck to excel at it. 

Fantasy football includes the participants assembling an imaginary team by selecting players who are real-life professional players. The points scored by these players are based on actual statistical performance and sometimes on their perceived contributions on the field. 

Players are usually selected from one specific division in a particular country. However, many different variations are possible. Over the years, Fantasy soccer has evolved a great deal and has evolved from a simple recreational activity into a significant business due to its exposure through the internet. 

From Fantasy soccer emerges a variant, which is club-based fantasy soccer. In this specific kind of fantasy soccer, the participants can only select athletes from within their club. Furthermore, the clubs participating have more than one football team and make use of club fantasy football to increase banter and communication between teams. 

Certain clubs charge an amount for their players to be added to a team. Then the funds collected are used to fund the fantasy league prizes or given to specific fundraisers. 

Winning at fantasy soccer means selecting a team that will generate the most points. Therefore, the participants must ensure that all the players they choose generate the most points for the participant to win. 

However, since drafting players into a team costs money, the participant has to be even more diligent when picking players since most are on a budget. Therefore, being innovative in your choices to maximize your points is even more critical. 

Fantasy Soccer Point System

The point scoring system of fantasy soccer varies based on a player’s performance. Points are usually awarded for achievements and taken away for certain actions. 

Usually, points are awarded if a player plays in a match for at least 60 minutes, scores a goal, and earns an assist. They can also gain points if they keep a clean sheet if they are goalkeepers, midfielders, and defenders and save a penalty. Goalkeepers can also earn points if they save three shots or more. A win also allows the player to up their points.

However, players can lose points if they are goalkeepers and defenders who concede a goal. Regular players can get their points deducted if they receive a yellow or red card, score their own goal, miss a penalty kick, or get substituted. A loss for the team also reduces the points of the players.

Tips To Maximize Points for Your Fantasy Soccer Game

Fantasy soccer is an intensely popular and competitive game as many factors can completely change the course of the game, and one of them is luck. However, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to maximize your Fantasy soccer game points. 

Opt for Differential Players

When you play fantasy football, your main goal is to overtake others in your league; to do so; you need to have different or different players. These players are unlike others. Usually, participants pick players that have a high average points tally because it is an easy start and all the statistics on a player’s performance are available online.

These ever-present stats make it challenging to find untapped platers other managers have not already taken. Therefore, here you will have to make a choice between choosing expensive players or players with high volatility of points. 

Statistically, gambling on such players has the capability of bagging a high point total. Therefore, choosing such players may not be such a bad idea.

Avoid Bringing In Players From the Expensive Clubs

It may be tempting to bring in a player from expensive big four clubs because you are after their high point score and the skills they will bring. However, if the player will be on the bench for half the season, spending vast amounts of money on them is a complete waste. 

It often happens that expensive and popular players score a lot less than a usual first-team regular at mid-table teams. Therefore, it may serve you better to go for a player you know plays well and has fewer chances of being benched than these expensive players. 

Plan Ahead

Forward-thinking can help you out a great deal, especially in trades. Most players who play fantasy soccer try to limit themselves to one transfer per week because there is no point deduction. 

However, if you plan ahead, you will be able to transfer a player from a team that is at the bottom but has the capability of rising to the top. Furthermore, by planning ahead, you will know which players are valuable to you and your team. Therefore, it will stop you from panic buying and losing useful points.

Furthermore, proper planning can also stop you from choosing players from your favorite team and choosing players who are genuinely good and will bring in a lot of points. All participants have favorites and allegiances toward specific teams, but players from that team may not be the one who scores the most.

Have a Strong Bench

It is generally advisable for you to have a strong bench, meaning that there are two or more decent players on your bench, excluding your goalkeeper. There may be a time when one of your members from the starting team gets injured or dropped. 

If your bench is strong, you won’t lose out on your points and still get more points than if you skimped out on your bench players. Therefore, it is essential that your bench is somewhat strong to avoid mishaps lowering your points. 

However, you need to ensure that you are not spending too much on the bench players because they are essentially players whom you think are not good enough for your team. So, pumping a large budget into them does not make sense.

Use Your Wildcard Wisely

Usually, wildcards are appointed twice over the season, and it may be tempting to use them immediately, but it is better for you to save them. The best way to use your wildcard to maximize points is by potentially whipping it out after a disappointing week or two. 

It would be best to consider whether you need to overhaul your squad and how necessary it is when you want to use your wildcard. It is best if you do not use it when you want to make only one or two changes. 

Don’t Choose a Balanced Side

Fantasy soccer includes players who are from real life, and it becomes tempting to act like a manager, but it will do you good to remember that you are not. Fantasy soccer is not about sending your players to play in a match, but rather about accumulating the most points. Therefore, you need to select the most effective player who will last until the end of the game. 

It would help if you focused on players that bring back a lot of returns. Some players are generally good at their position, even excellent, but they don’t gain you a lot of points. Since you want to maximize your points, it is best to avoid such players.

Your primary focus should be on players who are most likely to get points. These include players who score goals, assist, and have overall clean sheets. In the case of goalkeepers, you should keep your eye out for the one who has the most saves. 

Do Your Transfer Later in the Week

It is a knee-jerk reaction for many to beat everyone else and up the value of their team as soon as possible. However, it may be beneficial for you to pause the transfer. You collect a lot of information when you wait as long as possible.

This information can help you make an informed choice about your transfer and whether or not it is the best idea in terms of maximizing your points. There is always a possibility that a player will get injured while you wait, and you can pick a player who is at their peak performance. 

Participants always get caught up in the excitement, but transferring late has a lot of benefits in terms of looking through your possible options and gaining all the necessary knowledge.  

Use Transfers To Get Rid of Your Worst Players

Although it may seem like common sense, many participants do not follow through with this. They usually make lateral moves, including transferring one premium player to another to a slightly better one. Although these transfers bring gains, they have minimal changes on your points. 

If you instead transfer out your worst players, it will reflect significantly on your points. It is a win-win situation. Overall, the strength of the team will also improve when the weak player is gone. 

By making use of this straightforward strategy, you can quickly improve your team over a period, and the effects will reveal themselves as the season goes by.

There Is No Need To Spend a Lot of Money on Your Goal Keeper

Having a good goalkeeper is essential. However, spending a large amount of cash on getting the best goalkeeper out there won’t be great for your budget or your scores. If you scale down on the amount you spend on your goalkeeper, you can effectively spend it on other players who may bring valuable points that you need to win. 

Having one premium player and other subpar ones is not the most excellent way to gain points. However, having many decent players is much better as the points are distributed, and everyone can help out with getting maximum points. 

Use Stats To Fill the Gaps

If you are playing fantasy soccer, there is a spreadsheet through which you can keep an eye on the statistics. However, it is always better to watch football with your own eyes, and you will be able to gauge the player. 

Only after you have watched the sport and the player play with your own eyes should you look at the underlying numbers to confirm whether or not they will be a valuable addition to the team. Previously it used to be quite challenging to find soccer stats and data, but now the internet has made everything extremely easy, and many websites and fantasy sports apps that offer up that information for free. 


Fantasy soccer is all about compiling other players based on their stats to ensure that they will help maximize your points. The game is based on the statistical performances of real-life players, so you have to be really clever and vigilant about how that player is performing.

Even though a lot of it is based on luck, research and tips can help ensure that you have maximum points in the end and you can win. 

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