La Liga 2022/23, can Barcelona make it this year?

Europe’s football fans have a lot to wait for this season as national leagues are unfolding and the clubs are paving their way deeper and deeper in the competitions to get past obstacles and reach the finals. La Liga fans are getting thrilled as the matches have resumed the break for the World Cup and everything is again rolling to get to the end of the season and see who gets crowned.

Bookmakers and sportsko klađenje are also getting thrilled as bets for La Liga matches are piling and wagers for outright winners are mounting. Barcelona are now positioned as the top favorite for winning the competition. Let’s see what makes Barca a realistic contender for the title.

Barcelona has won 26 La Liga trophies in a course of 84 years of appearances in the competition. That is a stunning number and it only compares with that of Real Madrid – having won the La Liga title 35 times!

This season, Barcelona sits at the top of predictions in winning the title and lifting the trophy. Bookies give Barca way more chances than anyone else- including Real Madrid – to go to the finals and defeat their opponents whoever it is.

There are many reasons why this is very possible and in fact it is also really attainable.

First and foremost, Barcelona is now at its best. They have one of the best squads, accumulating skills and talents and bringing into the field unique appearances and performances. They are playing it all and it seems to pay off. They have 35 goals, 13 wins, 2 draws in their 16 matches played and they are sitting at the top of the La Liga standings, three points clear of Real Madrid.

Second, Barcelona has a strong, burning desire to win the trophy and put an end to its dry period since 2019, when they were last crowned champions. Should they win, Barca will avoid re-living anything resembling the drought in the period 2000 to 2004, when they couldn’t win the league.

The strong desire has been explicitly expressed by both Xavi Hernandez and Joan Laporta, who have admitted that La Liga is what the club needs to regain some sort of stability, particularly after a two year turbulence, which they’ve been through. Notably, manager Xavi has also admitted to wanting so much the La Liga title, because his position may be at stake.

Third, Barcelona can in fact do it. They have got what it takes to be the winner of the season and get crowned at the end of the La Liga. They are at their best in terms of skills, competences and capabilities, they have strong motivation and desire to come to the top and above all they know they can do it, because they’ve done it so many times in the past.

Barcelona is nowhere near being new to being at the top. They have conquered the right to claim the first position and contend for the biggest titles and they have all-so-proudly proven that they can actually make it to the finals and win the league.

It is all about feasibility, suitability and determination. They have what it takes. They are on the right track towards getting the title. And of course they want it very very much! So, what’s the verdict? Barcelona can indeed win the 2022/2023 La Liga season.