How To Use Protalus Insoles


Having issues with your foot can make you go for custom made insoles or those that you may get over the counter but there is still no better solution than Protalus. This article focuses on how to use Protalus insoles to increase efficiency all the way. The inserts Protalus insoles are believed to align the ankle by thirty-one per cent. It does not only align the ankle but helps take care of other conditions such as lower back pain, Morton’s neuroma, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, calf tightness and heel spurs.

You will read unbiased information about using Protalus insoles in this guide. The guide has given step by step guide to using Protalus insoles which are said to have wide popularity.

What is Protalus Insoles?

These are full-length insoles in which semi-rigid orthotic arch is featured and supported. They give support to an ankle joint and alignment too.

How to use Protalus Insoles step by step guide

  1. Have the stock insoles removed from the shoes. Pull out slowly from the shoes. This is to prevent the underlying insoles from being affected.
  2. Make sure the Protalus insole is placed upside down so that the cushion faces upwards.
  3. Place the insole stock on top of the Protalus. Ensure the insoles are facing the same direction having lined up the heels.
  4. Use an ink pen to trace the stock insole outline on the Protalus Insoles on to the area around the toe.
  5. The Protalus insoles are to be trimmed around the line that was traced outside.
  6. Turn the Protalus insole on to the right side and put your leg right into the shoe and you are good to go.

Facts you need to know when using Protalus Insoles

Your body’s adjustment period- the first 3 days

If your leg has got into the new environment, the adjustment period is needed so as the foot can align itself. These are the intervals to follow: on the first day, 1-2 hours; on the second day, 2-3 hours; on the third day, 3-4 hrs.

Gradually increase wear

Wear your shoes often and increase 1-2 hour intervals until you hit a full day. However, you need a number of days to fully adjust to the intended alignment.

Proper alignment can cause some discomfort at first

The new alignment will eventually apply new forces and adjustments while distributing them to the tendons, joints, soft tissues and muscles. For a moment, you will feel ankle discomfort temporarily spreading to the knees, ankles and back. This is great because all body parts are all in use and they have not been in use for a long time.

Adjustment can take time

It is necessary to adjust and give transition time. This can also give relief which is long term. If you still feel uncomfortable after 4 weeks, or the pain gets worse, throw them off and have them replaced with original Insoles from the factory.

Replace Insoles

In every 4-6 months, replace your insoles and do the stretching as per the guide provided.


How long do Protalus insoles last?

5-6 months is recommended for replacing the Protalus to expect optimal success. If you perform high-pressure activities, you need to replace them quite frequently.

Are Protalus insoles any good?

Since they give stability to the arch, and are well constructed, that is why I like about the inserts. They are comfortable and provide a bit more support than the original or over the counter inserts.

Can I put insoles on top of insoles?

Either orthotic or Dr School’s insoles have no problem being placed over an existing insole. This depends on whether the shoe feels comfy or the shoe is too tight or not. Those Insoles that are are not full-length can be put on top of the original insole.

Can I wash my Protalus Insoles

The top surface of the insole can be cleaned while applying soap and water then let them dry in the air. Is there anything worth trying? If insoles are placed in athletic shoes, neutral inserts can work better. Such insoles will function well if the shoe has no motion control in it.

Do insoles hurt at first?

Insoles are supposed to feel comfortable from the beginning unless they are not your size. Stop wearing them if they are having issues with your legs.

You are not ready for pains and aches caused by hurting shoes? Eventually, your legs will sustain injuries and blisters.


Not all shoes can give the support we need. In this case, the inserts make them more comfy. There are many styles available for your shoe style. You only need to select the best that suits your style and size. Since it distributes the whole weight of the body everywhere, the curved heel-cup support the shape of the natural shape of the heel. Shock absorption is offered by this heel-cup made by a technology called TRI-Planar.