Mobile Online Casino Trends in Australia

Online gambling in Australia isn’t going to slow down despite all the restrictions and limits. In fact, it has doubled up since 2010. And this trend keeps getting even more positive.

According to the data published by the Second National Study of Interactive Gambling, the number of online gamblers has doubled up over the last decade. The research involved more than 15,000 AU citizens. It showed that almost 18% of gamblers gambled online in 2019 compared to 8% in 2010. The changes can hardly be denied. As a result, the popularity of mobile online casinos in Australia keeps getting bigger and bigger. At, you can find even more Aussie casinos offering a wide range of gambling services.

Nerilee Hing, a professor from the CQ University’s Experimental Gambling Research Laboratory, stated that the gambling sector has been driven by faster internet capabilities, the convenience of online gambling, extensive marketing tools, and new betting opportunities such as multi-bets. New online activities have also been brought to the Australian market. These include esports, fantasy sports, skin gambling, etc. At the beginning, Australian players preferred to play lotteries (over 10%), horseracing (almost 6%), and sports betting (6%). An average gambler can be described as a young man with high education and analytical thinking skills. These are only some details taken from the CQ University’s research studies.

The growing trends among mobile online casinos in Australia made the Commonwealth and State/Territory Authorities work on the development and implementation of the National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Betting. Its purpose is to bring Australian consumer protection policies up to date, to ensure their efficiency, and to maintain its compliance with all AU jurisdictions. The Framework Involves 10 consumer protection policies that aim to minimize gambling damages.

The Second National Study of Interactive Gambling was performed to explore the negative impact of gambling activities on gamblers’ private and business life. The results demonstrated that more than 9% of Aussies experienced some psychological inconveniences due to excessive gambling.

Fight against Illegal Gambling Sites

The number of mobile online casinos in Australia is huge. But does it involve only reliable representatives of the gambling sector? Not always. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has already expressed its strong intention to stand against illegal online gambling activities. It is going to block the gambling sites that promote different types of online casino services.

The ACMA has referred to AU internet service providers (ISPs) to terminate the operations of illegal gambling sites. Although these agencies are considered to be independent reviewers of gambling services, they actually responded to such an initiative positively. By blocking suspicious sites, the ACMA has determined a new priority for itself.

The very first results posted by the ACMA cover the period of 2001-2017. This is when the ACMA blocked:

  • 279 illegal gambling sites
  • 144 independent gambling services

A list of illegal gambling sites can also be found at OnlineCasinoAussie. Through the massive popularization of the available data, the ACMA aims to make its work obvious for everyone.

If you want to avoid potential traps, you may try to find a couple of nice mobile online casinos at At least, you can be sure that your funds won’t be stolen by third parties.