NBA Summer League 2022: Betting Tips, Winner Odds

With this year’s NBA Las Vegas Summer League kicking off on July 7, the excitement among betting fans is palpable. The eleven-days event will see 30 teams compete for glory in throat-cutting action, with each spurred on by its raucous, passionate supporters.

Here’s where to watch the next crop of talented NBA superstars as they lay the foundation for their potentially successful careers. And as you do so, we suspect you’d appreciate knowing beforehand those that may perform best in the tournament to aid your bets.

Are we correct? If yes, this piece details the NBA Summer League betting odds of each franchise in the maze, the favorite entries, players to watch, and proven NBA betting guidelines that may help you hit the jackpot. Ready? Let’s jump in!

Full List of the 2022 Las Vegas Summer League Championship Odds

Team Odds
Nets +700
Thunder +750
76ers +1100
Grizzlies +1100
Pistons +1100
Hornets +1300
Trail Blazers +1300
Rockets +1400
Pelicans +1500
Pacers +1600
Lakers +2000
Spurs +2200
Knicks +2800
Mavericks +2800
Hawks +2800
Heat +2800
Raptors +3000
Magic +3000
Clippers +3000
Bucks +3500
Kings +3500
Warriors +4000
Nuggets +4000
Celtics +4000
Jazz +5000
Wizards +6000
Cavaliers +6000
Bulls +6000
Suns +6000
Timberwolves +6000


Note these NBA Summer League betting odds are courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook.

2022 Las Vegas Summer League Championship betting odds: Favorites

While we may not have Paul the Octopus to predict performances at the 2022 Summer League, a team’s recent results and squad quality are excellent pointers when making predictions.

Brooklyn Nets (+700 odds, 12.50%)

Notable Squad Members: Cam Thomas, Kessler Edwards, Day’Ron Sharpe, Yves Pons, Noah Kirkwood, and Taze Moore.

With only 700+ odds heading into the summer event, Brooklyn Nets has nested above the teams rankings for various reasons, but the roster depth is the most significant. Nets boast numerous players with superior experience in regular seasons.

For a start, Cam Thomas (2021’s Summer League co-MVP) will lead the line alongside Kessler Edwards, RaiQuan Gray, and Day’Ron Sharpe; all fellow draft picks in 2021. It gets better with the presence of the versatile Noah Kirkwood, a first-team member of the All-Ivy League who can fill different spots on the pitch. Not to mention Tennessee’s Yves Pons, Houston’s Taze Moore, and Wake Forest’s Alondes Williams.

Oklahoma City Thunder (+750 odds, 11.76%)

Notable Squad Members: Chet Holmgren, Lindy Waters III, Aaron Wiggins, Josh Giddey, Eugene Omoruyi, and Aleksej Pokusevski.

Brooklyn Nets’ ride to the championship promises to be intriguing with the presence of the feisty OCT team and its multi-talented squad. One may start with second gross pick Chet Holmgren, as Gonzaga’s starlet has enjoyed a stellar year with Salt Lake City. Remember that this starlet currently holds the record (six) for most blocks during a Summer League game.

What’s better? A similarly electrifying cast supports Holmgren, as Aleksej Pokusevski and Josh Giddey make an excellent case for themselves. Fans can surely expect astounding performances to the final with this promising group. And with just +750 odds, it’d be bold to bet against OKC wearing the crown cum July 17.

2022 NBA Summer League Odds (Las Vegas)

Though the tournament hasn’t started, exhibition matches have considerably impacted predictions across America’s most popular sportsbooks. This is where you agree Basketball is a gift that keeps giving, especially with numerous online casinos now offering basketball+slots titles. So, Irish NBA fans can now watch basketball matches while having their adventures on their devices.

Anyway, the story starts with Chet Holmgren, whose magnificent showing against the Utah Jazz alongside his comrades on Tuesday Night has catapulted his odds to emerge as Rookie of the Year, even ranking above Paolo Banchero, 1st overall pick. Few can argue against this, given that Holmgren recorded 23 points, 7 rebounds, 6 blocks, 4 assists, and 1 steal in what many consider an iconic performance.

The Thunder introduced itself among the favorite picks with its performance as well, with the club now ranking second (only behind Brooklyn Nets) with +750 odds only. Remember, the cast also features France’s Ousmabe Dieng, a fellow first-round pick, and Oklahoma City’s first-choice ball handler, Josh Giddey.

And with +1100 odds, Detroit Pistons make an excellent case to be the tournament’s odds-on favorite. The reasons are obvious, as the franchise assembles a squad composed of Cade Cunningham (2021 first overall pick), Killian Hayes (2020 seventh overall pick), Isiah Stewart, and Saddiq Bey. It may interest you to know the Pistons had just +550 odds going into 2021’s summer event but failed to make the latter rounds. Can the team defy the slightly bigger NBA odds this time, or is it another disappointing display? The remaining teams share what’s left of the oddsboard, with only Grizzlies and 76ers maintaining +1100 odds with Detroit.

NBA Summer League Players to Watch

NBA Summer League Players to Watch

The NBA Summer League is a melting pot of numerous talented players, so it would take days to discuss the players to watch from the various teams.

However, we can handpick a few who’ve done exceedingly well during the exhibition, and we start with the Thunder’s Chet Holmgren, Jalen Williams, and Jaylin Williams.

These players are joined by the Grizzlies’ Kennedy Chandler and David Roddy, Miami Heat’s Nikola Jović, Warriors’ Ryan Rollins, Sacramento’s Keegan Murray, and Lakers’ Max Christie.

NBA Betting Tips

While proven betting tips are undoubtedly helpful, it’s always best to apply them at trustworthy sites. While being primarily a platform to review the best online casinos, the experts at IrishCasinorius have also prepared some betting tips that can be found further. Therefore, NBA lovers have to do their best to spend some time perusing the ideal sportsbook ideas to stake on their favorite teams. Agreed?

Now, let’s see the top three recommendation NBA betting tips:

1. Ride the Hot and Fade the Cold

This advises bettors to put their money on the excelling teams and bet against the bottom feeders. It doesn’t matter here if a team has a reputation for being good. Keep an eye on performances and go with the flow rather than put your money on a team that’s not in form. Consider Orlando Magic’s incredible run last season before the break as an example of a hot streak.

2. Find the Hot Team as Early as Possible

A great recommendation is to find the hot crew as quickly as you can. Keep an eye on the entire league and identify the team that’s suddenly playing well. If they get a good record for two or three games consecutively, it’s advisable to jump on the train. Do not wait until they’ve won over seven matches before joining. The same applies to a good team suddenly playing worse and recording back-to-back losses.

3. Stats Have a Say

You can catch a team just before it goes on an awesome run by assessing statistics from a couple of matches. Look at the offensive rating, defensive rating, rebound percentage, and pace, and you’ll have an excellent idea of how such a team will perform in the next fixture.


Summer League is one of the most exciting sports tournaments in the world. While it is very important to stay focused during the games and analyze everything extensively, we have one more recommendation. Don’t forget to enjoy the game.