Nike Dunk SB Basketball Shoe Review

With the Nike Dunk SB Cigar City release, the basketball shoe market has once again turned on its head. Not, since the Air Jordan has a basketball shoe been so popular. This is mainly due to two things. The first being the style, which has caused this excellent response. The secondary reason is the incredible performance that it brings to the table. Here we will break down the similarities and differences between the two most popular basketball shoes.

The primary difference that sets the Nike Dunk SB apart from the rest of the basketball shoes on the market is that it is the attention to the high top itself. This is the top of the shoe, where you can see the outline of the foot. Most high tops arent as well designed, as they are often full of rubber. However, this rubber does not affect how the Nike Dunk SB flies. Instead, it helps to create more control of the ball.

The other significant advantage of the cigar city is the material that the Nike Dunk SB is made out of. A high top is generally made out of some leather or synthetic material. These materials are lightweight and able to be easily molded to the shape of the foot. There is not nearly as much flex in a high top as there is in a regular sneaker. This means that players who are used to jumping in a traditional sneaker will be quite surprised at how much mobility is available in a high top.

The construction of the sneakers is also very similar. The Air Jordan uses a solid rubber base, while the Nike Dunk SB uses a synthetic upper. The upper is made of a very flexible material. This allows for the basketball shoe to be lightweight and yet extremely durable. The combination of the two means that basketball players of any level should be able to get a great deal of use out of the sneakers.

One of the best things about the Nike Dunk SB is that it can provide true versatility. It can be worn as a casual shoe when going out with friends or even dressed up to become a full-on basketball shoe. The versatility allows players to play just about any style of basketball you could imagine. Whether you are looking for something a little more professional or something more casual, a model will work for you. This wide selection has made these sneakers so popular among basketball players of all skill levels.

They also are very comfortable. The fact that they can offer such fantastic comfort is a result of the foam in the soles. The foam allows for maximum flexibility while preventing any accidental bumps or hits from happening. You will also tell that you are wearing a basketball shoe because it will feel completely natural. There is no need to purchase additional basketball shoes to be able to feel your best.

Finally, the Nike Dunk SB is also very affordable. This is perfect for those who have a tight budget and can’t afford the best basketball shoe. These sneakers can offer you everything you want at a price that anyone can afford. There are plenty of sneaker manufacturers that make high-quality products, but they don’t cost thousands of dollars. With Nike, you get high quality, low cost, and comfort all in one package.

The Nike Dunk SB is a shoe that will allow you to dominate the court. Anyone who plays will notice how comfortable and well-designed the shoes are. They will be able to move around without any problems or hindrances. Best of all, the prices are incredibly reasonable, making it an easy decision. For anyone who wants a great sneaker, this is the one to get.


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