Nike Hyperdunk 2015 Review | Is It Really Good?

Looks like Nike made some pretty drastic changes to the Hyperdunk shoe series. The question is, was it necessary? Let’s find out by reviewing the Nike Hyperdunk 2015.

I’ll take a look at the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide if it’s worth buying for a basketball player. Let’s go!


Shoes: Nike Hyperdunk 2015

Weight: 394 g. / 13.9 oz

Type: High Top Sneaker

Technologies: Nike ZOOM AIR, Nike FLYWIRE, Fuse

Available Colors: 20+

My Rating: 6/10


Two ZOOM AIR units are present – one in the heel and another in the forefoot. That’s another change from the Hyperdunk 2014, which used Lunarlon. This time though, the cushion’s performance is questionable. More on that in the Performance section.

Nike FLYWIRE is there just as always. And it does it’s job, just as always. It’s a cable system that’s under the upper and connected with the shoe’s laces.

Fuse is the material the whole upper is made of. It’s really tight and sturdy, which makes it definitely durable. The whole ankle collar is also made out of Fuse, so support won’t be a problem.



Comfort could be a concern. Fuse takes a lot of time to break in – so expect the shoes to be quite uncomfortble for a week or so. Also, there isn’t a lot of ventilation since most of the upper is Fuse.

They fit true to size and even though there aren’t any major issues, it’s definitely not an extremely comfortable shoe.


Now where the shoe lacks is cushioning. The heel ZOOM AIR unit is barely felt and what’s worse – it is intended to work as impact protection. The forefoot unit is also not really effective, though it’s slightly better. All in all, the shoes won’t be a hard rock, but they will not be as soft and pillowy as Nike advertised them to be. It’s still a pretty decent option for bigs though.


The highlight of the shoe’s performance is its outsole – it’s a standard Nike’s setup, made to withstand multi-directional movements with great traction. The traction makes itself even better because the shoe is intended to be worn for heavier, bigger players, who usually don’t perform aggressive and explosive moves.

The setup is actually great for outdoors because the rubber compound on these is pretty durable and not too dense.


Support is another strong aspect, which you shouldn’t worry about in the Hyperdunk 2015’s. As mentioned, the ankle collar is so high and stiff, that the question for support becomes irrelevant. It also has that weird, huge heel that acts kinda like a heel counter, so it adds to the support.

The whole upper is very sturdy and super supportive, so I’ll give props for that. However, that kind of setup isn’t going to suit everybody and you’re loosing a lot of mobility.


The upper is mostly Fuse with some mesh for ventilation. Whether you like Fuse or not, it’s your personal preference. So if you like soft, loose uppers – stay away from these ones.

But even for those people who prefer stiff uppers, these just doesn’t feel right. They’re verty stiff, bulky and take away movement freedom. I guess that’s the right thing to do for bigs, but it’s a shoe that’s definitely not my cup of tea.

Durability is excellent, just as expected. This is a good setup to play outdoors.


Nike tried to show promising upgrades to the Hyperdunk series, some of them suceeded, some of them failed miserably. Support is there, traction is there, durability is also there. But they’re simply not comfortable, need lots of break-in time, restrictive and cushioning is pretty terrible.

I would honestly stay away from these. Comfort is the #1 aspect when it comes to a sports shoe. The rest doesn’t matter if they don’t fit right.


+ Great traction, outdoor capab;e
+ Very strong support
+ Durable


Cushioning is pretty bad
Not comfortble, especially at the start



The Clutchfit Drive 2 is how a versatile shoe should be done. They’re comfortable and have solid all-around performance.

If you’re a bigger player (or not), then this is an excellent choice.

Thanks for reading my Nike Hyperdunk 2015 review!