Nike Hyperdunk X 2018 Review

All about the Nike Hyperdunk’s anniversary shoe, the Hyperdunk X 2018

The Nike Hyperdunk is one of the longest-running series in the realm of basketball sneakers. In 2008, Nike found the perfect timing to launch the first Hyperdunk during the Beijing Olympics. The US basketball team was hungry for a win after a number of disappointing shows in previous international tournaments. Perhaps the Hyperdunk became some sort of a lucky charm, as the so-called “Redeem Team” did redeem themselves, finally winning the gold medal.

While the Hyperdunk was more or less the official sneaker for the US basketball team, one thing is for sure: its name will forever be linked to their leader, Kobe Bryant. One of the reasons for the Hyperdunk’s longevity is consistency in its design and performance.

And in 2018, Nike celebrated Hyperdunk’s ten years with the latest iteration, simply named the Hyperdunk X 2018. So as you may expect, both sneakers experts and fans at that time had been hoping that the Hyperdunk 2018 X would meet or even defy their expectations, since it had turned a decade old. So will it be the “ultimate” Hyperdunk, so far? If you are as curious as we are, just read on…


Over the years since it first launched, the Hyperdunk has been consistent with its traction, and this Hyperdunk X 2018 doesn’t disappoint. It features a multi-directional pattern that provides ample coverage for the player no matter which direction he goes.

Nike might have slightly changed the pattern just to jazz it up a little, so to speak. But overall, the traction provides a solid performance. The soft rubber and the slightly spaced patterns allow for a quick but smooth stop on the court. Plus, because of the relatively wide spacing and the shallow pattern, there’s no chance for the dirt to stick too long on the outsole. Result: less chances of slipping and sliding. You can even use it even on dirty floors. No matter which type of flooring, you can always depend on the Hyperdunk X 2018’s traction.

But how about the outdoors? Because of the soft rubber and shallow pattern, the Hyperdunk X won’t make a reliable sneaker for the outside courts.


One of the best points about the Hyperdunk X 2018 is the cushioning. After the fairly disastrous React on the Hypderdunk 2017, the Hyperdunk X 2018 (thankfully) brings back the good ol’ Zoom cushioning. In the Hyperdunk X 2018, the Zoom unit is located on the forefront and heel.

The Hyperdunk X 2018 uses a much thicker cushioning in the heel unit compared to that of the Hyperdunk 2016. On paper, the cushioning is similar to the Hyperdunk 2016. But the Hyperdunk X 2018’s is definitely a lot softer, providing a much more improved compression and a better spring feel and rebound ability.


The Hyperdunk X 2018 is “true to size” so it means it’s pretty much the shoe for every player. However, wide-footers may need to have a little more space. Most users of this shoe are satisfied by its fit; they could either go for 10.5 or go down half a size and find no issues with that at all.

One of the reasons why the Hyperdunk X 2018 has a great fit is its lack of a true conventional tongue, which allows the shoe to open up wider. This enables the wearer for ease of entry and removal, and it can accommodate to different foot sizes. The shoe has an excellent padding too which conforms to the feet and ankles of different shapes and sizes. We’d say this is a very comfortable shoe.


The materials are nothing to write home about, and that may be a bit disappointing for an anniversary model. Nothing is special in the materials but Nike uses comfortable textiles in the upper. The materials are good, thick and semi-durable so that it doesn’t feel cheap and flimsy. Materials-wise, it looks like Nike goes back to basics on this one. Not a killer upper but it’s still really good.


Most users are happy with the Hyperdunk X 2018’s support. The lacing system keeps your foot and ankle good and secured at all times. The relatively massive Swoosh shield on the lateral side provides a solid containment. Even if you’re a somewhat explosive type of player, the Hyperdunk X 2018 guarantees that your foot won’t slip out of it as you make those killer moves on the court.


With its great traction, impressive cushioning, excellent fit, great support and comfortable but fairly durable upper, the Nike Hyperdunk X 2018 is a significant improvement from some of its predecessors. If you’re looking for the best indoor court shoe yet, this has got to be the one.

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