Picks for the Best Performance Socks for Basketball

Socks generally fall below shoes in importance. While you go for the best-looking performance basketball sneakers, on the other hand you settle for a cheap, thin and flimsy pair of socks. You’d think they won’t make a difference to your feet (and you won’t be seen wearing them, anyway). But that’s going to be huge mistake you’ll ever commit!

Keep in mind that performance socks for basketball sneakers may be different to the other socks worn for other types of shoes. Choosing a pair of performance socks should be as important as choosing a pair of the best performance shoes. Having the best footwear and accessories put together will make a huge difference to your feet and also to your overall performance on the hardcourt. A good quality pair of performance socks will definitely provide the added cushion and support that your feet need. Plus, a good pair of performance socks should also be flexible, be able to absorb moisture and odor, promote ventilation, and provide additional fit before wearing shoes, especially if you have narrow feet.

Here are some of the best brands if you’re looking to score performance basketball socks:

Where to Buy
Nike Elite Basketball Socks
Chalk Talk Sports Socks
Jordan Jumpman Quarter Socks
Jordan Ultimate Flight Crew
Nike Elite Versatility

1. Nike Elite Basketball Socks

You have to go with Nike if you are looking for no less than the best socks that most hardcourt legends have worn. The Nike Elite Basketball Socks have attained an almost cult-like following. Each of the socks was specifically tailor-made for the left foot and the right foot, which reduces the likelihood of sliding and unnecessary clustering of excess fabric. Thus, these socks are made to fit your feet perfectly. The Nike Elite Basketball Socks are also made of high-quality fabric that is guaranteed durable and made to last even after several intense plays on the hardcourt. Plus, these socks also provide the cushioning and support your feet need. BUY ON: AMAZON

2. Chalk Talk Sports Socks

If you have particularly sweaty feet, the best choice will be the Chalk Talk Sports Socks. The best socks to wick moisture (such as sweat) away from your feet, keeping them dry. It also boasts the COOLMAX technology which allows the air to circulate and makes sweat dry up so fast, so that your feet won't feel icky and have that unpleasant fusty odor. With this pair of socks, you don't have to focus on your sweaty and stinky feet, and instead focus more on your game. BUY ON: AMAZON

3. Jordan Jumpman Quarter Socks

The Jordan Jumpman Quarter Socks incorporate stretch fabric and a rib arch support band for a comfortable fit. As these socks are comfortable and beneficial to your feet, they are also stylish. They look particularly good on low-cut sneakers. BUY ON: AMAZON

4. Jordan Ultimate Flight Crew

With the name “Jordan” on these socks, rest assured you won't have second thoughts before snapping them up! These nifty socks are designed with zoned cushioning which helps in absorbing impact, thus protecting your feet and reducing fatigue even as you're dashing across the hardcourt. BUY ON: AMAZON

5. Nike Elite Versatility

The Nike Elite Versatility first hit the stores in 2016 – one of the newest of the Nike Elite group – yet this pair quickly became popular. While these socks are very much like the original Nike Elite, the Nike Elite Versatility socks have a more natural fabric feel when you wear them. Plus, these socks also feature a ventilation zone at the top to allow more air circulation. The Nike Elite Versatility socks are touted as the most comfortable performance basketball socks by many fans who have worn them. The “Versatility” part of these socks comes from their availability of different lengths: low, mid and crew cuts. BUY ON: AMAZON