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How Reviews Are Made

At Live For BBALL you’ll find dedicated basketball shoe reviews made by me. They are all focused on relevance, clearance and detail.

So if you’re not familiar with the review format and would like to find out how they’re constructed, you’re at the right place.


MAIN SPECS. Here you’ll find all the main specifications of a shoe that you would possibly need – weight, price, tech etc. This will give you basic knowledge of the shoe and maybe even help you decide if it’s for you right away.
APPEARANCE. I’ll take a closer look at the appearance of the shoe, inform you what’s the color variety and note some other details you might be interested in.
THE TECH. Many basketball shoes have various technologies implemented into them. I will overview them and explain what each of them do and how well they do it.
PERFORMANCE. The actual performance of the shoe on the court. This is divided into five aspects: comfort/fit, cushion, traction, support and materials. Each will be examined with the player in mind.
PRICE VS. QUALITY: I will decide if the shoe is worth its price tag and explain why if it is or it’s not.
FINAL VERDICT: The finishing words about the product, who’s it for and the reason why you should buy it or not buy it. I’ll also give the pros & cons and an alternative if the shoe ends up being poor.

Simple as that. I hope you’ll find the reviews helpful, which is the #1 goal to reach for me. Any questions, shoe review suggestions or anything else is always very much welcome!

Just leave a comment on any of the posts or hit me up using the Contact page.


6 thoughts on “How Reviews Are Made”

  1. Heather Grace says:

    Great Review Formula! Can’t wait to see more reviews and product side-by-side comparisons. These days there are so many products on the market that is hard to know what to trust.

    Question – Is there a particular brand that you typically recommend over all others or do you have favorite products for many brands? Thank you for the excellent site! My family is big basketball fans and have spent years coaching teams.

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Thanks. I generally like all sorts of brands, as it depends on the item itself. Like for shoes, I always use Adidas, simply because I prefer their lightweight and speed orientated take over Nike’s kinda heavy and more bulky look. Or for jerseys and shorts, it usually doesn’t really matter as long as it has good material.

      That’s awesome to know that your family is huge basketball fans! Check back to the website for some more topics!

  2. Keith Hughes says:

    Your site is put together very well. I also like to compare products side by side. Your format lends itself well to my shopping style. That’s the first time in a while that I’ve check out new Nike’s. Still have a pair of Air Jordan’s, great shoe for it’s day. I didn’t know Under Armour made sneaks. Wonder how they compare to Nike’s?

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Thanks man! Under Armour has some kick-ass sneaks. There are great ones, there are bad ones as well. If you’re interested in UA’s shoes, the Curry Two is probably one of the best ones yet.

  3. AO says:

    What size shoe do you base the weight on?

    1. Julius Kralikas says:

      Just like in most stores: 9.5

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