So far, this is a collection of bugs and lags. LiBER demo version overview

LiBER is a third person action adventure game like F95zone games. In it, we use the environment to solve puzzles. Lots of items are interactive. They can be viewed from all sides in search of hidden details. Over time, we will be able to travel in time. And each time period will be fraught with a unique danger! This is the picture the developers draw for us. But at the moment, only the Viking village is available in the game, from which the protagonist can only hide.

LiBER begins with a video in which a thin student named Alex tries to seduce a girl, using his birthday as an excuse. But Alex is adamant! He has an exam and goes to gnaw the granite of science at the museum, flirting with a drunken security guard along the way.

Many questions immediately arise: will we definitely have to play for this miracle with glasses? Why are the pigeons in this game so huge? Why is this happening so much like Postal videos, after which a hilarious massacre usually begins? Will the pigeons continue to grow? Will this girl be able to seduce Alex? Will pigeons be the final boss? Why do developers change frames so often in their videos?



When trying to start the game, we are slowed down by tooltips. And if the controls are standard, then the inventory for some unknown reason is attached to the letter ” P ” instead of ” I “. Any subject can be viewed from all sides, while Alex gives comments on this matter.

As a result, we find a note, solve a simple riddle, open an ancient book that no one has read before. We read it, and we are transported to another world.

Viking village

We come to consciousness, we are already connected. One of the most metrosexual cowboys in human history is sneaking up on us – let’s call him the metrosexual. He unties us and flips out the window. You need to follow him, but not through the door! If you open the door, then a Viking teleports to us and instantly kills.

Outside, the house is on fire. And they accuse us of this, what a horror. We go through a few more steps, and … right! Another video. Metrokowboy says to move stealthily, avoiding the dogs. We must comprehend stealth. After that, he jumps up and rushes to the exit, attracting the attention of all the Vikings in the area. At the same time, the warriors ignore the metroboya, focusing all their attention on us.

We are hiding in the hut. There is nothing in the hut. Generally. We are trying to get out through the window. We get stuck. Loading. We leave through the door. And now stealth begins! Vikings find us very easily, but instantly lose interest if they hide in the bushes. And there are a lot of bushes here. If you throw a stone, the Vikings shout: “Wow, a stone! That’s a miracle!”, After which the whole village rushes there. In this way, we make our way to the metroboy, after which we safely escape. This is where the demo ends.

Technical problems

On Steam, the game will refuse to load until you change the language from Russian to English. If you press the ” Escape ” key , the game is closed. Does not exit the menu, does not cancel the action. It just takes you to your desktop. And the preservation is rare here, the site will have to go through again!

To use an object, you need to dance around it until you approach from the right side. And these are just the obvious problems. At the moment, there are so many shortcomings in this game that its passage leaves a unique impression. Give it a try if you like products from the “so bad it’s funny” category.


The concept of time travel, solving riddles and fighting warriors from the past is incredibly interesting. But at the moment these elements do not work corny! The game is overloaded with unnecessary mechanics like Huniepop 2 game. If you cut out all that is unnecessary, how you should present the main characters, reduce the number of changes in angles in the videos and videos in general, then an interesting game can turn out. So far, LiBER is a collection of bugs, oddities, and crooked elements.