The Ultimate Guide to the Game of Basketball in China

Chinese basketball team

The most prevalent sport in China is basketball, and Chinese people love it from pick-up games to live-streamed tournaments, in every shape and form. In fact, when you pass by a public sports complex in China on any given day, you’ll likely find a lot of people playing basketball in courts, and … Read more

Interesting Facts About Basketball You May Not Know

Basketball is a very popular team sport where two teams with five players each try to score points by shooting a ball through the basketball hoop. Many people love to play basketball for a lot of reasons. In fact, even those who don’t like it that much can play it occasionally. When … Read more

Playing Basketball Around the World

playing basketball

Basketball originated in the United States but has become a very popular sport played all over the world. In fact, basketball is the most popular online search in the USA, followed by other countries such as the Philippines, Australia, Canada, Iraq, and Mongolia. There are over 200 basketball-playing nations that compete against … Read more

Guide to the Gear You Need for Basketball

Basketball is probably the most popular when it comes to sports. And one of the great things about it is that you don’t need a lot of equipment to be able to play. In fact, when you have the hoop and the ball, you can already play a simple game of basketball. … Read more

Increasing Your Chance to Get a College Basketball Scholarship

Each year, there are lots of high school basketball players who wish to acquire a college basketball scholarship. However, only a handful of scholarships are given. Individuals who have displayed the right combination of talent and perseverance in both the gym and classroom are usually given these scholarships.  If you are aiming … Read more