The Rise of the Red Bull Corporation in Football

Would you say 15 years ago that a club called RB Leipzig would feature in the UCL Final? Well, I highly doubt that, as this club didn’t even exist back then! Maybe not even the owners of the company, that was initially twisted for selling energy drinks, had this in mind.

The fact is that this happened and RB Leipzig, the Bulls from Germany, made it to the UEFA Champions League Semi-Final against Paris Saint-Germain. It’s true that they lost against the French aristocrats, but given the whole scenario, it was the club’s greatest feat until now.

The Red Bullers throughout the Globe

The Austrian group Red Bull has created a network of teams around the world, with football clubs in Germany, Austria, the USA, and Brazil. There are different legal formats that adapt to each country, but all have as controllers two companies in the host country that make investments for hiring.

in Germany, for example, due to a sports law passed some years ago, it’s illegal for a company to own a football club and use the company’s own name – as it’s the case with the Red Bullers – and for now, the Leipzig team is only “RB Leipzig” and not “Red Bull Leipzig”. The funny thing is that even the logo was rebranded, as they erased the “Red Bull” name, but left the two red bulls on the sides.

However, despite these minor bumps along the way, the Red Bull corporation still manages to keep a high standard wherever they are. This is also the case with RB Bragantino, as the club was bought by the energy drink company. Initially, Red Bull Bragantino was merely known as a small club from the Brazilian Southeastern state of Sao Paulo.

Following some years of misery, the investment made by the Red Bull corp acted like a lifesaver for the Bragantino club. Since then, they got promoted from the Brazilian Serie B – Brazilian second-tier league – to the Serie A and now will probably go for something bigger.

A Copa Libertadores spot, maybe?

We can say that that’s their main goal, and if you want to stay tuned on what’s happening at the Brazilian Serie A with the Red Bull club, check out these Bragantino team news!

RB Leipzig. The Main Red Bull?

RB Leipzig. The Main Red Bull

Moreover, it seems like the German franchise is the one the Red Bullers will focus the majority of their attention on. I mean, it’s clear that they are making everything possible so that they can gather football talents at the Red Bull clubs from all over the world in order to transfer them to RB Leipzig. It allows the German club to develop even more and it will surely be harvest time for them sooner or later.

The Red Bullers have already introduced some great players to the world in recent times. Amongst them, we have Timo Werner, Takumi Minamino, Naby Keita and Erling Haaland, who all made their way out to first-tier European clubs.

The fact is that a UEFA Champions League semifinal spot was only the beginning of a possible Red bull hegemony not only in Germany, but in the whole world.The Rise of the Red Bull Corporation in Football.