The Six NBA Players with the Greatest Number of Jerseys Sold

There was no exact date in history when fans began wearing sports jerseys to cheer for their favourite sports theme. Surely, during the Roman era, spectators of gladiators will cheer for their favourite combatant without needing to wear mock armours to signify who they are cheering for.

When you look at old NBA photos from the 70s and the 80s, you can see fans wearing normal clothes, but most will match the colours of their clothing with the team that they are cheering for. Nowadays, when you watch an NBA game, you will see most of the fans wearing NBA jerseys of their teams over regular shirts.  If you are a NBA fan you can get your custom tees at

The Rise of Sports Jersey Popularity

 Since the 60s, American sports fans have transformed the way they dress up to watch athletes compete in organized sports. Fans during the 60s and 70s wore dapper suits and hats as they cheered for their favourite teams. Eventually, fans began wearing more casual attire in attending coliseum sports events and will wear team colours. As organized sports saw an opportunity in making money through sports memorabilia, the popularity of sports jerseys boomed worldwide. 

NBA Jersey Popularity

Purchasing of NBA jerseys probably got its start during the era of Michael Jordan when the Bulls No.23 Jersey can be seen being worn by people at every street corner you turn. Speaking of NBA jerseys, here are the top ten most popular Jerseys based on their sales. 

  • Michael Jordan

The 1992 Chicago Bulls Jersey number 23 belongs to Michael Jordan who many claim to be the best NBA player of all time. While this claim is up for debate, it remains the fact that this 14-time all-star player has the greatest number of jersey sales. The most popular of Michael Jordan’s jerseys is the No.23 jersey that he wore when he first entered the NBA as a Bulls rookie from 1984 to 1993. 

  • Kobe Bryant

Kobe is one of the NBA’s most popular players of all time and has the second largest number of jerseys sold. The popularity of Kobe’s jerseys may be attributed to the fact that Kobe Bryant stayed loyal to his Los Angeles Lakers team winning his team a total of five NBA Championships. Kobe Bryant’s Jersey Numbers were 8 and 24, both for the LA Lakers. 

  • LeBron James

LeBron James is one name that is always mentioned when you talk about the greatest NBA player of all time. LeBron’s jerseys are the third top-selling jerseys in terms of sales. Fans of LeBron James remained loyal even if LeBron switched teams a few times during his career. 

  • Magic Johnson

During the golden era of the NBA, Magic Johnson was untouchable and unstoppable. Magic Johnson led his LA Lakers team to five NBA championships out of seven trips to the Finals. 

  • Larry Bird

As Magic Johnson was to the LA Lakers, Larry Bird was to the Boston Celtics. Larry Bird was a basketball savant and the best rival that Magic Johnson has ever played against. The sports rivalry between Bird and Johnson has revitalized the NBA in terms of audience attendance and sports memorabilia sales. 

The six players above have the greatest number of jersey sales out of all the NBAs current and previous players. Nonetheless, if you are thinking of purchasing a jersey for yourself, go with the player and the team you are rooting for. 

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