The Ultimate Sneaker Guide For 2022

Sneakers have always been a staple in street fashion. Celebrities, professional athletes, and other famous people wear sneakers on social media and in public. This reason has contributed to sneakers’ skyrocketing demand this year and even in previous years. This article compiles the best of the best sneakers if you’re looking for inspiration for your next streetwear outfit with the perfect sneakers.

Top Sneaker Styles of 2022

Some popular variations you can find online are classic staples; chunky, bright sneakers; and casual slip-on. To know which is best for you and your style, here are some of the trending sneaker styles for 2022:

Converse All-Stars

The Converse All Star create simple yet enduring styles and designs. They come at an affordable price, and their stylish shoes constantly change in models and types. When purchasing, look for the All-Star patches that serve as the brand’s trademark.

These sneakers are harder and flatter since cotton canvas and rubber make up these sneakers. It comes in various colors and designs and is much stiffer around the heel. Converse All-Stars are well-reviewed by websites, and users have said they are more robust and lighter. It is versatile and can go with different outfits.

Chunky Sneakers

These are the type of sneakers with large platforms that are thick and usually colorful in design. Referred to as ‘dad shoes,’ social media influencers and fashion blogs have somehow made these sneakers a trend. These sneakers are now one of the most in-demand in the market due to their sporty look.

However, despite their looks, there’s more to these sneakers than meets the eye. These shoes are known to have sturdy and non-slip qualities. Some brands and models are even known for their excellent support. However, when pairing chunky sneakers, these go well with sporty activewear outfits, relaxed shirts or jeans, or casual streetwear.

Low-Top Sneakers

Low-top sneakers are footwear without an ankle guard. They are sometimes known as ‘low-tops’ or simply ‘lows,’ and they are famous for their simple design and ample support. Low-top lace-ups are equally elegant and sturdy.

Opt for colorful socks to pair with these sneakers if you want to go for a fun and daring look. On the other hand, these sneakers are great for a more casual look when paired with shorts, jeans, or chinos.

Slip-On Sneakers

These are also known as vintage sneakers. Since these sneakers don’t have shoelaces, slipping your foot inside them is simple. Although they come in a variety of patterns and various finishes, they are just as comfy as ever. These sneakers are unquestionably incredibly cozy and laid-back.

Shorts and chinos are excellent for pairing with slip-on sneakers, and it is recommended not to use visible socks. However, a pair of socks would be fine if you paired slip-on sneakers with jeans.

Basketball’s Impact On The Increase In Sneaker Sales

Whether on television or in person, basketball has always been among the most-watched and anticipated sports worldwide. Shoes and basketball have gone hand in hand in promoting each other, albeit not intentionally. Let’s put it this way: the player plays for a team and wears the sneakers the team provides. The product, market demand, and public demand will expand as the player’s career grows and they turn into a star. This means a more significant contract, product endorsements, and, best of all, a shoe deal. A shoe deal means the player has their own line of shoes the company makes specifically for them.

However, on the court, basketball players (and pretty much all sports) look for elements in footwear that best suit their style of play, especially for durability, comfort, and performance. Not only do they improve a player’s performance on the court, but they also look fantastic, on and off the court.

Choosing A Basketball Shoe

One of the most crucial decisions a player must make is selecting the right pair of shoes. Two main things to consider are the design’s compatibility and the sneaker’s quality and durability. However, here are a few tips to help you choose your next pair of basketball shoes:

  1. Pay Attention To The Parts Of The Sneaker. The upper part defines the height of the shoe. The midsole is the location of the cushioning; therefore, it is the most crucial part as it determines the shoe’s comfort. The outsole determines balance. Therefore, you should look for a herringbone or hexagonal pattern to increase friction and prevent sliding.
  2. Consider The Materials The Manufacturer Uses: Learn about the materials suitable for long-term use. Choose shoes made of leather, rubber, and cotton if possible. Cleaning the sneaker is also essential so it always looks good and does not deteriorate quickly.
  3. Know Your Shoe Size: When selecting a sneaker, it is preferable to be aware of your size. Choose a shoe that fits your feet perfectly, and make sure that all parts of the shoe will not cause you to feel uncomfortable as these may cause blisters. Still, pick something comfy that you can wear for months or years.
  4. Try It On Before You Purchase It: Many stores may allow you to try the sneaker before purchasing it, as the look can sometimes be different from the actual feel. Trying it on will enable you to determine whether it is cozy and ideally tailored for you.


One of the most popular fashion trends today is sneakers. There are many different styles and designs to choose from and countless ways to pair them with your outfit. However, develop the ability to choose shoes carefully and wisely. Choose footwear that is appropriate for your style, is comfortable for your feet, and worthy for you to buy.