The Worst Basketball Teams of All Time

Basketball a team sport of commonly five players each. Each five-player plays on specific five playing positions. The tallest player is in the center, the second tallest and strongest is a power forward. A slightly shorter and agile player is small forward, and the shortest players are point guard, shooting guard, and best ball handlers. 

1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers, 1995-97 Chicago Bulls, and 2014-17 Golden State Warriors made a great victory in basketball games during seasons. Some of the teams lost seven out of every eight games. 

The Worst Basketball Teams of All Time

The first five seasons in each franchise’s history were not eligible for the roster. It’s fair to give new teams a chance to get their affairs in order before setting them on fire. They have existed for more than five years. Now the current and defunct franchises are eligible for listing and ranking. 

The Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Clippers, and Denver Nuggets each had multiple viable candidates, but we chose to include only the worst season for each team.

1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers 

1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers

The lowest record by 76ers was 9-73 with a 0.110 winning percentage but at least Fred Carter was playing well. It was a spectacular year for the shooter who outscored everyone else in this terrible 76ers lineup of at least 672 points. Between this season and the next three, Carter averaged 20.5 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 4.7 assists.

Carter has never been an All-Star, but he deserves some sort of medal for leading Philadelphia 76ers. He carried it through the mud from his Wilt Chamberlain and Hal Greer days to his Julius Erving and Moses Malone days. 

At this point, there were 17 teams in NBA. Philadelphia was able to finish the 12 games out of 16th place. It is hard to believe that this was the same team that was 68-13 back 

Philadelphia finished 12 games out of 16. It’s hard to believe it was the same team that was 68-13 and won it six years earlier. From 1967 to 1972, the only good range player they drafted was Dennis Awtrey. 

2002-03 Cleveland Cavaliers 

The record of the franchise is 17-65 with a 0.207 winning percentage. A franchise that suffered 50 losses in each of the three previous seasons but the on-court product was hard to see. Cavaliers won the lottery of the 2003 draft and won a local contractor named LeBron James with the first pick overall. Ricky Davis recorded average points in career highs, assists, rebounds, and steals. He had fun taking shots while the rest of the team sucked hard.

A 19-point victory over the three-time Los Angeles Lakers champion in the fourth game of the regular season was followed by a 15-game losing streak. During that fight, the Cavs lost 41 points and a pair of 32-point loss margins. There were not only legitimate title aspirations before the start of the season, but the only thing worth encouraging in early December was the draft.

2004-05 Atlanta Hawks

Best record with 13-69 (0.159 winning percentage), both Josh Childress and Josh Smith have been named to the All-Rookie squad. It gave some hope for the future. 

Josh Smith and Josh Childress have both been named to the All-Rookie squad, which at least gives some hope for the future. The Hawks also landed Marvin Williams with the second pick in the 2005 draft, and he ended up providing decent value during his seven years in Atlanta. When it comes to career winning percentage, he was the fourth-best player in that draft class. Too bad they didn’t choose Chris Paul instead.

Atlanta wasted little time proving it wasn’t going anywhere fast, losing its first game of the season to the Phoenix Suns by a 30-point margin. A month later, the Hawks were 2-14 and headed for a not-so-pleasant 69-game losing streak. The constant flow of the list didn’t help at all. Childress was the only player who appeared in 75 games for the Hawks. The 15 different players started at least one game.

2000-01 Chicago Bulls 

With a record of 15-67 and 0.183 winning percentage, during the first two years after losing Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Luc Longley, Scottie Pippen, and Steve Kerr, the Bulls still gave a lot of minutes to veterans. But in 2000-01, the only boy on the list with more than three years of experience was Fred Hoiberg, who was five.

Eight of the 16 guys who watched playtime were recruits. If this is going to be terrible, at least find out whom you can build with or get a good return on your investment in the trading block. Five of the eight recruits were out of the league in three years. If Jake Voskuhl and Marcus Fizer could stay a little longer, none of them has been long. 

The only one who did well was Jamal Crawford, and the Bulls traded him to the New York Knicks just after the first of their 14 straight seasons averaging over 12 points per game. By the time they made the playoffs in 2004-05, there was no one left on that 2000-01 roster.

2009-10 New Jersey Nets

The Nets have not done much good at the draft over the past three decades. Their record is 12-70 with a 0.146 winning percentage. But the choice of the 2008 first round, Brook Lopez, was an exception to this rule. After a strong rookie season, he became the star of the team in his sophomore, averaging 18.8 points and 8.6 rebounds, his career-best. 

He was not an All-Star, but he probably would have been if the Nets had not been so awful. They ultimately saved things a bit by winning five of their last 12 games but sadly the Nets started 0-18. The 2015-16 Philadelphia 76ers were ultimately tied. It set the record for the worst losing streak in a season. 

The Nets had four other series of defeats at least eight games in the process of free fall to a 7-63 record. It’s a winning percentage of .100. It would have been the worst of all time if they had kept for three weeks.

1982-83 Houston Rockets 

1982-83 Houston Rockets

14-68 record with only 0.171 winning percentage. The brief period for Houston. They won 46 games in 1981-82 and fell back to 48 wins in 1984-85. The Rockets traded Moses Malone (31.1 PPG, 14.7 RPG, and league MVP 1981-82) in September 1982. Elvin Hayes quickly lost his effectiveness in his late 30s.

At the time, they had no choice. the bottom for two years and replenishment with coveted draft picks Ralph Sampson, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Rodney McCray. The strategy was so effective that the NBA instituted the lottery with hopes in the following year of fighting it. A year after Malone and Hayes have obtained an average of over 16 points and nine rebounds per game, combining 47.2 and 23.8 while contesting 163 of the 164 possible matches

One in alignment 1982-83 has beaten 14.8 or 8.1, respectively. Allen Leavell was likely the most valuable player, leading the Rockets in points, steals, and assists. Despite having established career records in all three categories this season there, he was close to being an All-Star-Level player. 

Philadelphia 76ers – One of The Worst Basketball Team

Some of the defunct franchises and playoffs were decided based on winning percentage and choosing of proper candidates. Sometimes you will see that a basketball team that has won 13.4 percent of all the games might be regarded as worse than the team that had won only 10.6 percent. It all depends on the terrible play in different seasons and the losing streak they made.