Top 3 NBA Finals moments

As we are getting closer to Jun 2 and the beginning of the NBA Finals 2022 there is no better time to remember the most epic moment in the history of this championship.

Forty years ago, after three decades of trying very hard, the NBA was still struggling with low match attendance, a decline in fans’ interest, low TV ratings, and an overall not-so-great financial situation. However, with the arrival of David Stern, who became the new NBA commissioner in 1984 the much-needed change finally happened.

The transformation started with more agile marketing campaigns mainly focused on the star players, especially Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. With the rise of popularity, the network broadcast rights became more interesting and therefore more lucrative as NBA merchandise and related events and festivities.

Today, NBA is a successful international company with constantly growing marketability. Each year US basketball gained more followers which ultimately made it the world’s 3rd most popular sport with more than 2 billion global fans.

Predictions and expectations for NBA Finals 2022

After an exciting and stressful first round, both conferences reached the Playoffs 2022 second part which made discussions about the odds of winning the Finals even more attractive and entertaining. In the Eastern Conference, Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, and Philadelphia 76ers managed to reach the semifinals. For the Western Conference, we also have the four semifinalists. The Phoenix Suns, Memphis Grizzlies, Golden State Warriors, and Dallas Mavericks all won the chance to fight for the title.

According to Betway NBA Finals odds and predictions given by other betting services, Phoenix Suns are back on the top of the list of potential 2022 winners. At the moment, their odds are between +200 and +260 to win the 2022 championship. The Golden State Warriors are second with +340, followed by the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat both at +450. Milwaukee Bucks are not far from them with odds at +600, while Memphis Grizzlies were given +1800. Judging by the latest numbers, the Philadelphia 76ers and Dallas Mavericks’ chances of winning the Finals are very slim at the moment.

The most exciting Finals

As there are so many good ones, some fans might disagree with this choice. Nevertheless, these three easily could be among the most thrilling ones.

Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers

The Celtics won the 1969 finals with a result of 4-3 and a record 48-34, while the Lakers had 55-27. The reason this final was chosen is the old but never boring rivalry between these two teams. At the beginning of the 1969 Finals, the Lakers’ odds were slightly better, despite the Celtics’ amazing 8 out of 12 straight title winnings. Furthermore, it was a great season for the LA team as they ended in the first position in the Conference. The Finals MVP was LA Lakers player Jerry West.

Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs

The 2013 Finals were full of unexpected moments, including the Heat’s winning. Many were expecting the Spurs to celebrate in the end but it didn’t happen. The Heat took over in the 7th game and won their second out of three back-to-back Finals games. According to some experts, this success happened thanks to James LeBron, who was also awarded Finals MVP of 2013.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors

Although Warriors had an amazing regular season and record 73-9, the 2016 Finals ended with Cavaliers’ winning it with 4-3. People often describe it as the most memorable comeback in the history of NBA Finals. It seemed as if the Cavaliers exploded after a not so exciting season with 57-25 record. This was LeBron’s second season after his return to the Cavaliers and his third Finals MVP award.

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