Top Mistakes to Avoid When Betting On Basketball

When it comes to sports betting, there is no such thing as a safe bet. The only thing that you can be absolutely sure of about any sporting event is that anything can happen. Basketball is no different. Even the strongest team can have a bad day on court, and the weakest team can surprise everyone by beating the odds and rising to the occasion. This uncertainty is, of course, what makes betting on basketball so exciting. But even though all bets are inherently risky, some gamblers are more successful than others, and that’s because they no longer make rookie mistakes. If you want to improve your odds of winning, you need to check out the following mistakes and avoid them like the plague.

Blowing the Bankroll

A streak of losses is enough to make any gambler start to feel a little weak at the knees. And it can be incredibly tempting to try and make up for those losses by blowing what’s left of your budget on panic bets. The thing that really sets the successful gambler apart from the amateur gambler is the ability to manage their bankroll. The successful gambler knows that losses are all part of the game. They know when to walk away and come back fresh another day.

We suggest that the next time your basketball bets are not going according to plan, you head over to the casino games section of your betting site and use your bonus funds to distract yourself with a few reel spins. Or sign up to a new no wagering casino Canada and claim a new bonus (one with no wagering requirements) – you can make a few bets without spending any of your bankroll, and hopeful get the basketball losses out of your system.

Ignoring the Extenuating Circumstances

Basketball players are only human, and sometimes they’re just not up to playing their best. If you’re going to be successful at basketball betting, you need to keep abreast of all the latest team news. Have any of the players suffered an injury this season? Have any of the players experienced personal problems that could affect their concentration? Are the team working well together as a unit or has there been any tensions or arguments between players?

One thing that could definitely make the difference between winning and losing, is the game location. The home team always has the advantage. And you should also consider the scheduling of every event. Basketball teams play a lot of games throughout the season, and they spend a good deal of time travelling between games. Take note of which team is fresh from two days rest and which team has just played 3 back to back games – tired legs and arms simply don’t play as well.

Following your Heart

Basketball betting is meant to be a fun pastime, but if you’re hoping to bolster your income with sports betting, you have to take it seriously. And taking it seriously means using your head and ignoring your heart. If your home team is having a bad season, betting on them is unlikely to bring you a return. And just because your favourite team had a great season last year, it doesn’t mean that they’ll have a great season this year. You need to be able to look at each team as they are today. Forget your loyalty, forget their history. Look carefully at the games that they have played this season. Look carefully at each players form. Identify the weak players. Compare the stats with other teams. And if you really must bet on your home team even though they’re at the bottom of the heap, then make the bet small – very small.