What is the reason for the lack of doping control in bodybuilding?

It is not a secret that professional bodybuilders use anabolic steroids to improve their physical performance and to achieve big muscle forms. Before, it was widely believed that one could achieve such enormous muscles with dedication and hard work, but in the last decade, professional bodybuilders and amateurs started opening up and talking about their steroid use. Still, they are subjected to doping controls, which are not strictly enforced. In contrast to common high-performance sports, such as those held in Olympic games and international championships, many bodybuilders do not hide their use of steroids. It was very shunned a decade ago buy not it is getting more and more acceptable. One professional athlete reported that it is basically impossible to get to the high bodybuilding ranks without use of steroids and use of Clear choice brand to evade the tests.

In the world of professional bodybuilding, there are often no doping regulations in place at all. Why? The first and most important reason is that all professional bodybuilders utilize anabolic steroids as well as exogenous hormones in order to achieve the best results that human bodies can get to. In such events, the most important thing is the quality and volume of the muscles. That is why bodybuilding cannot be really called a sport due to the fact that it is physically impossible to achieve a competitive form without the use of synthetic drugs. A result of its distinct nature, bodybuilding does not meet the international requirements for competitive sports as do other sports. In other sports, athletes compete for the titles of quickest, strongest, most technical, most resistive, or most discrete in the field. Instead, bodybuilding athletes in professional bodybuilding compete on the basis of aesthetic look. This aesthetic component of the competitions is the main goal. Here, the visual assessment and the quality of the muscles play the main role. This measure, however, is not compatible with proper sports competitions. That is why you won’t often see any anti-doping agencies working in many fitness and bodybuilding competitions.

Despite the fact that bodybuilders may be subjected to a drug screening before a competition, they might be completely unable to notice the use of expensive custom steroids. These doping tests are passed with ease, as bodybuilders may use special detoxification solution or at all try to substitute the fluids that go into testing. If many complex professional doping controls during the Olympics are passed, why wouldn’t bodybuilders be able to pass them? There are many complicated steroid solutions like, for example, water-based testosterone permits you to increase your testosterone without doping tests being able to notice it even at the peak of your performance during the competitions. Or they use quick growth hormones that get out of the body in the shortest time, retaining the muscle’s strength. These hormones cannot be identified via a blood test or any other most complicated tests that can be performed.

Furthermore, testosterone in any form and many other hormones are not that easy to check on in doping tests because it is created by the body itself in different quantities for each person. The increased hormone levels can be dropped artificially this way, removing any sign of taking synthetic steroids. Also possible is the use of other drugs that keep your body in a peak condition for a period ranging from 15 to 30 days while staying invisible and inducing a low amount of damage. What tests would be able to notice a modern steroid solution that is completely eliminated in the body by itself in less than a week or just in a few days? The steroid industry is not a multibillion-dollar market that is expanding each year in double digit numbers. Even in current times, there are no exact methods for detecting a large number of steroids. Hope you got your answer by reading this article got rid of the false stereotype that bodybuilders do not use steroids. However, it does not mean that you are free to start using any steroids at all. You must know that any such hormonal supplement will cause some bad consequences, eventually. Anyone can get a good body with a robust regimen and some dedication. Take care of your health.