What Should You Know About Australian Rules Betting Odds?

The Australian Football League is the most adored sporting event in Australia. You can get all the information about this league, the players, and matches on a platform like Sportsbet AFL. Meanwhile, AFL continues to attract new fans who find this heavy-hitting and fast-paced sport incredibly exciting.

If you are interested in AFL betting, the following are some points you should know.

Money Line

Once you bet on the Money Line, you bet on a team to win in an AFL game, and there is no handicap. Moreover, the odds pricing decides both the favorites and underdogs. If you want to place bets on a team to win a game, you should look for the Money Line betting market.

Point Spread

In the domain of the Australian Football League, the Point Spread is the well-known type of handicap betting. It is an effort by the oddsmaker to set costs that are similar for both possible outcomes.

The Point Spread is a handicap that fundamentally means the game does not begin at 0-0. The favored team should score sufficient points to overcome this handicap to get declared the winner for wagering purposes.

Similarly, from the underdog’s viewpoint, the Point Spread may be seen as a head start on points in the direction of winning the game.  For example, in case the spread is 6.5 points, the favored team will require winning by 7 points for a bet on them to be taken as a winning bet. On the other hand, the underdog can lose the game by even 6 points, but they are still considered to have won the bet.

Frequently, you will see Point Spreads that conclude in 0.5. In this instance, there is always a winning bet. However, if the Point Spread is a full number like 4 points and the game ends with the favorite winning by just 4 points, all stakes are returned as if no bet took place.

The Head to Head Market

In head to head market, being a betting person, you will wager on the team you think will win the match irrespective of the margin of victory because Australian Rules football is a running game. It may have wild swings in momentum at the time of the match.

Furthermore, to get instant updates and information about all the matches, you can check out sites like Sportsbet AFL.

Total or Over/Under

In the context of AFL, the Total or Over/Under means a figure for the total number of points that both teams will score through the course of a game. The sportsbook assigns this point total figure and fixes odds pricing for the particular ‘Over’ and ‘Under’ outcomes.

Similarly, you, being a betting person, will select if the actual ‘Total’ is going to be ‘Over’ or ‘Under’ this figure, and once you have given this point figure handicap, the pricing of both ‘Over’ and ‘Under’ odds will tend to be justly similar to one another.


Derivatives are line, side, and total bets based on a half or a quarter instead of a complete game. It is an excellent option for you [a bettor] if you are looking to have some early action on a game. Moreover, it can prove to be a profitable option for you if you research which teams incline to play better or worse early on in the matches.

Hence, if you want to make effective bets in AFL, you should know about the markets that are the better options for you at a platform like Sportsbet AFL. Similarly, if you are a novice, the outright market is an easy option as it has an easy system.

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