What To Avoid While Betting On Sports Events

Never before have there been so many options for betting on sports events.  Site after site offering what they advertise as the best online casino website or the site to go to for everything that you need to know about betting on sports with insider tips and information.  

With the sports betting industry blowing up internationally and becoming legal in many more places every year, it is easy for bettors to be taken advantage of and lose all of their money and more.  Foreign markets are the one of the first places to be leary of when trying to decipher what to avoid while betting on sports events.  

Betting In Foreign Markets

The first point to note and avoid is if there is a foreign site that allows you to place bets on it somehow and is able to take your money, you should avoid it.  Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, do not allow citizens of these countries to place bets online unless bettors are in the country where the site originates from.  

Bettors in these foreign markets have their choices of sports betting sites with delicious features to attract even the most novice of bettors.  At Onlinesportogadas.com Hungarian residents can choose from several legitimate bookmakers with varying odds, features, and their choice of live sports to place their bets on.  

Bookies and oddsmakers are out to make themselves money and money for their bookmakers.  While it would appear morally wrong if a sports betting site takes your money through illegal or suspicious tactics, there is not much that foreign or domestic authorities can or will do to get your money back for you.

Study Hard

One way to increase your odds of winning and lower the chances of you losing your lunch money is to know the basics about who and what you are betting on.  Knowing certain facts about the sport, the event, and historical performances, increases your odds of winning.

Lakers? Nets?

There are features offered by many sports betting sites where bettors can wager in-game or while the event itself is taking place.  An example could be who is likely to score more points in an NBA game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets.

Lebron James, Kevin Durant are names everybody who mildly watches basketball should know and they should also know that James and Durant play for the Lakers and Nets respectively.

How are you going to know how much to bet or to bet on if you have never watched basketball or the NBA?  If a site says that either team (Lakers or Nets) or player (James or Durant) is the favourite or underdog, how can you trust that?  

K.O. vs T.K.O. 

UFC and boxing use terms to describe how a bout has ended.  To add to the information that newbie sports bettors should soak up, many of these words are abbreviated.

A fighter can win by K.O., which is a Knock-Out.  A win by a fighter can also be via the Technical Knock-Out, which is often referred to as a T.K.O. It is up to the person spending the money to know the difference.  

Familiarising your brain with MMA and Boxing jargon is not going to mean anything if you know nothing about the people you are investing in.  

Check The Stats

Just because an “expert” online says or writes that someone is a favourite, does not mean that they will be. Pay attention to statistics and information that is freely provided for you and seek out any other free information that may help boost your odds of winning.  

Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts readily display and share if there is a history between fighters.  It is not a perfect equation, but it is more likely than not that if a fighter has a better record head-to-head than his or her opponent, they will most likely be favoured to win.

As in life, sometimes in sports there are circumstances that can have a direct impact on determining winners and losers.  Bettors of all levels need to know when a major star player is not playing, or if an outdoor event is taking place in subpar weather conditions. 

A fight may be postponed, or even cancelled if one of the participants is unable to compete due to injury.  In combat sports and team sports a replacement is found in order for the event or game to take place.  

Weather is a common factor that sports bettors often ignore and pay for literally in the form of losses of money.  Horses, cars in Auto-Racing, athletes on a field of play, or the sporting event itself, all have the potential to be lost due to Mother Nature not cooperating.

If the event or game is not cancelled, like in Horse Racing, if the track is wet from rainfall, for example, it is a fact that some horses perform better than others under sub-par conditions of the track.  Before you put down your money on a horse in a race like this, do your homework and know which horses can thrive and which horses are unlikely to win in bad weather or on a muddy track.  

“Win Big With Us!” “Trust Our Site!”

Many sports bettors are not interested in going back to school or are pursuing a career in the industry of sports betting itself.  Even the laziest of the laziest people who bet on sports know that in order to be successful they have to know what they are doing.

Research things about the site you are using.  A lot of these sites claim that users should place their trust, and more importantly, their money, blindly in flashy advertising and catchy add-on features to the physical site pages.

It takes very little effort to comb the internet and find the leading sports betting authorities in your area.  Potential bettors can check if a site is licensed and legitimate. 

Coming across any site that exists without a licence should set off alarm bells and red flags immediately.  You are guaranteeing yourself serious losses of your money and even bankruptcy and debt. 

As with any website that is clicked on, your data is exposed.  Pay special attention to sites asking for personal information or links to your personal email and social media accounts. Before you deposit your hard-earned dollars on a site, make sure they are operating legally.

Wildy Spending Winnings


  • Do not go overboard. Make no mistake about it, winning is fun. There is an adrenaline rush that surges through every sports bettor who wins, no matter what their wagering experience is, or how much their income is.
  • Arguably the first point to a beginner’s guide to sports betting is to have a modest budget, no matter your personal income, remember that the more money in your bankroll, while is how much you can spend, it is also the money that you can lose.
  • Winning is not contagious, infectious, or something that anyone betting on sports events can influence the outcome of. A common assumption of novice sports bettors is that winners win 70% of the time or higher. 
  • The best and most consistent winners in online sports betting only win on average below 60% of the times.  That is taking into consideration the people who win the biggest prizes and the most often, accumulating an enormous bankroll.

Winning Is Addictive

Gambling of any kind is addictive, like alcohol and drug consumption.  Wagering on sports provides an unmatched charge in bettors because in many cases.  People placing bets can torture themselves and watch or listen to the event live. 

Sports events should always have a final result that is determined solely by the participants, except Professional Wrestling, but even in pro-wrestling, while the outcome is predetermined, bettors and viewers do not know who or what team will win. 

Sports Betting is fun and can bring some extra cash if it is done properly and responsibly.  The saying that “Knowledge is Power!” is something to keep in mind when knowing what to avoid while betting on sports events.  While none of the experts or brains behind the scenes of sports betting websites can predict the future, picking their brains and finding little tips that are common can certainly increase your odds of winning.