Which bookies specialize in basketball betting?

Basketball is a huge sport around the world and popular in places such as Australia, Canada, Spain, Greece and the UK. Of course, the USA is also a hotbed for this sport and home to the NBA. While US fans might love basketball for its on-court action and off-court drama, it also has other features that appeal to those in North America.

While the number of superstar players in the NBA (such as LeBron James and Kyrie Irving) and top franchises like the LA Lakers are important, being able to bet on this sport is certainly crucial to many fans. Betting on a game, after all, not only keeps you more invested in the action but also makes the match more exciting to watch. It also gives you another way to engage with basketball and puts a fresh spin on what you can get out of it.

If you plan to start betting on basketball, it is key to not only choose from the best bookmakers online for US bettors but also those who specialize in this sport.

But which sportsbooks might these be?

Caesars Sportsbook

One of the best options for online basketball wagering is definitely Caesars Sportsbook. To begin with, this online bookmaker has a very well-designed site which is easy to use and enjoyable to spend time at. It is also a great place for mobile betting on sports, as their app is packed full of features and offers a smooth, hassle-free experience. With mobile apps being so valued in general life, it is no surprise to see sportsbooks like this putting so much effort into theirs.

As you would expect, this platform offers basketball to bet on and has a good choice of markets to get involved with. This means you can not only find basketball games to bet on without any fuss but also make popular bets such as point spreads or moneyline. With a very tempting welcome bonus for new bettors and a range of fast, safe payment methods, this site is worth considering.

BetMGM Sportsbook

While there might be interesting facts about basketball that are okay to be unaware of, you do not want to sign up with a sportsbook before knowing more about it. BetMGM is another huge brand that is worth exploring and is perfect if you like to bet on basketball. This is a name that most people involved with sports betting will know, with a reputation for fairness. It is also a safe site to bet at because it is fully regulated and uses the latest online security features to protect your details.

As with Caesars, it is a great place for betting on basketball in the US and makes it easy for you to find games to place wagers on. This site is also very good if you like to make prop bets or bundle individual bets up into a parlay for bigger payouts. With a slick mobile app to enjoy, awesome customer support and a simple sign-up process, this is a good choice for basketball bettors who are looking to place wagers online.

FanDuel Sportsbook

The truth is that there are numerous bookies online to sign up with but FanDuel is among the best around. This is especially true if you like to bet on leagues like the NBA and are looking for a sportsbook that specializes in basketball. The clean, well-laid out site makes it simple to not only find basketball games to wager on but also place bets on them. This site is also known for offering enhanced odds on basketball games, which delivers better value over time.

If you also like to bet on other popular sports (such as the NFL, MLB or NHL), then FanDuel is the ideal site. Customer support is both knowledgeable and friendly, while the bonus offers for new bettors are inviting. FanDuel also rewards loyal bettors well and runs regular promotions for existing customers. With a stellar reputation in sports betting online gained over a number of years, this is a great bookie for basketball wagering.

Best bookmakers for basketball betting online

Basketball is a sport that offers so much in terms of excitement, fun and adrenaline-charged thrills. If you want to add even more to the mix, choosing to bet on leagues like the NBA is a great call. Before you can do this, though, it is important to track down the best sportsbooks that are not only safe to use but also specialize in basketball wagering. If you are finding this a difficult task, then hopefully our guide here will help.

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