Who are the Top Soccer Commentators and Announcers of all Time?

Commentary is an important part of Soccer. While there may be no substitute of witnessing the enthralling Soccer moments in the ground, commentators somehow manage to fill this gap, with their quick and witty commentary. There have been many commentators in the history of Soccer and each of them entertained, and continue to entertain the audience, in their own ways.

Top Soccer Commentators and Announcers of all Time

From Peter Drury’s “Goal Bafana Bafana! Goal for South Africa! Goal for all Africa!” to Tyldesley’s “Remember the name! Wayne Rooney!” many announcers and commentators have been a part of this game and improved the viewing experience of audience with their commentary skills. Let’s take a look at top Soccer commentators and announcers of all time.

1. Peter Drury

Peter Drury, number one on our list, is considered the best Soccer commentator of all time. With his evocative smooth voice, Drury is known for his comments with various range of emotions, which helps put an overwhelmingly positive effect on Soccer fans. He started commentary with BBC radio in 1990 and after eight years, left BBC and joined ITV Sports as the alternate live Soccer commentator.

As ITV’s top announcer, Drury rose to fame for his smooth commentary and later joined BT Sport in 2013, and since then he has been covering Premier League, UEFA, Champions League, and Europa League Matches.

2. Jon Champion

Currently, Jon Champion covers sports events and matches for ESPN. He was also one of the greatest Premier League commentators, who covered Major League Soccer and many international games. After starting his career with BBC Sport in the 80s, Jon gained popularity in no time. He joined BBC Radio and worked with them for four years, moved to ITV in 2001, and finally ended up at ESPN in 2019, where he became the lead commentator for MLS matches.

3. Martin Tyler

Martin Tyler’s voice is loved by many Soccer fans. In 1974, he made his commentary debut with ITV in 2004, and worked as the NO.2 commentator. Working with ITV, Tyler covered European Championships, league matches, and World Cup matches. The legend joined Sky Sports in 1990 and till now, he has been working as the chief commentator, and covers matches of UEFA, Premier League, FA Cup, and World Cup.

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4. Alan Parry

The famous Soccer announcer and one of the ‘Big Four’ of the Sky Sports, Alan Parry, started his career at BBC radio. He covered many European tournaments and English International and league matches. In 1981, Parry started TV commentary and joined BBC TV.

Later, the legend left BBC and joined ITV. Till now he has worked with many top sports broadcasters, like Sky Sports and BT Sport. Currently, Parry does commentary of Premier League matches. The sensational announcer is still known for his witty remarks on Liverpool’s success.

They (Liverpool players) are passing the cup down the line like a new born baby. Although when they are back in the dressing room they will probably fill it with champagne, something you should never do to a baby.

5. Clive Tyldesley

Clive Tyldesley started his career as a radio Soccer announcer for Granada and Radio City, and later covered ITV’s match reports. In 1989, he started television commentary and his first match was the one between Liverpool and Manchester City. Following this, the legend regularly started covering Rugby and Soccer matches.

Currently, Tyldesley works for ITV and also as a lead announcer for CBS Sports.  During the lockdown, the famous commentator also made waves on social media, because of the commentary of his wife cooking a lasagna.

6. Jim Beglin

Jim Beglin is another legendary Soccer commentator who keeps the audience alive, through his impeccable commentary skills. He is also a retired professional who played for Liverpool, Shamrock Rovers, and Leeds United. That’s why his knowledge about the game reflects in his commentary.

Beglin started his career with RTE Sports, and covered Ireland’s international matches, the English Premier League, and UEFA Champions League. Now working as a co-commentator for live football program of ITV, he is famous for his unique skills of technically analyzing the game.

7. Seb Hutchinson

Seb Hutchinson is one of the best Soccer commentators in the world. Holding a master’s degree in Sports Journalism, Hutchinson started his career as an editorial assistant at ITV. After few years, the legend left the ITV and now provides his services to multiple media companies, as a freelance announcer.

Throughout his freelance career, Hutchinson commented on biggest Soccer tournaments like UEFA Champions League and Europa League. He also covers the Rugby, Men’s and Women’s World Cup, and Olympics.

8. Ray Hudson

One of the greatest Soccer commentators, Ray Hudson is a former professional footballer and manager. The ever-entertaining commentator, Hudson, has a lot of experience in his field, and his extraordinary commentary skills are often traced back to his Soccer career with New Castle. Putting his multi-tasking skills to use, Hudson also worked as a coach for a few years.

In 2002, he became a commentator after joining the ESPM during the World Cup matches. In 2004, Hudson moved to GoITV and became a co-commentator for European football matches. The legend remains the favorite commentator of most Soccer fans, mainly because of his witty remarks, such as this one.

“Lionel Messi, you could drop a tarantula into his shorts and he’ll still be cool.”

9. Karen Carney

One of the very few female Soccer commentators, Karen Carney is a former Soccer player, who played professionally for Arsenal, Chicago Red Stars and Chelsea and internationally for England.

In 2019, Carney was also the first female co-commentator on BBC Radio Live, when she covered the Premier League Match Day Three.

Carney is currently working for Amazon Prime and BT Sports and also covers the Women’s Super League and men’s Premier League matches. She is an advocate of women’s representation in sports, especially football, and often expresses it through her remarks.

Men’s is at a fast pace and focused on strength, whereas the women’s is full of finesse and more skillful – and I think that’s what the public have to associate with; male and female football is very different.

10. Ian Darke

The most entertaining and exciting Soccer announcer, Ian Darke, is famous among Soccer fans, for his timely delivery of remarks. He is a part of the top-notch commentary team of Sky Sports, famously known as the “Big Four”. In 1980, he started his career as a commentator at BBC, where he did commentary for athletics, soccer and boxing.

After few years, Darke left BBC and joined Sky Sports in 1992, where he covered many Premier Leagues. After providing his services for three years at Sky Sports, Darke was promoted to a lead commentator for boxing matches. The legend made his comeback as a commentator in 2005 and since then, he has been regularly voicing many UEFA Champions League and Premier League matches, and also works with ESPN Sports for the World Cup matches.

Commentators and Announcers – Creating the Art with their Words  

Soccer is a game that gets more exciting with timely comments by the announcers. The real beauty of the game comes from the commentary seats. The words that reverberate around the drama on pitch, make Soccer an entertaining and nerve-wrecking game for fans around the world!

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