Why In-Play Betting on Basketball Is The Way Forward

When it comes to NBA lines I have always said that the bets value can be found in pre-match betting, rather than in-play. The reason for this is because there is not always a huge amount of value in betting on interceptions on next points method, there are just too many variables. When it comes to basketball however, this is where I would always look to spend my in-play money and there is a huge amount of value to be found when you do.

If you don’t currently betting in-play on basketball games, here is why I think it may be a good idea to get started.

Visible Swings

What I love about basketball is the way that the game ebbs and flows. It is quite rare in general terms that a team would come out and just dominate start to finish. As anyone who has played ball will know, you can sure get streaky once a few shots go in or a few passes get made, and that can last for a good couple of minutes. The same happens with the pros and betting on who will win the quarter is made easy when someone has a hot hand. The swings in basketball are very visible and that means there is money to be made.

Crazy Odds

It must be very difficult for the sportsbook to consistently offer odds as the game plays live and for this reason there are some very strange odds which sometimes crop up and if you are on it then you won’t miss out. I can remember back in 2019 I got +500 on Kawhi scoring over 10 points in the quarter, when he had 2 and 10 minutes left, and it was the 2nd quarter so I knew he’d stay on the court. This doesn’t happen every game of course but if you keep your eyes peeled you will spot some incredible value when you bet in-play.

Small Gains

I’m sure I don’t have to explain this but it is always better making small gains when you gamble, in order to grow the bank roll. An in-play game gives you the perfect way to do this with lots of odds of around -300 and -275 which can provide you with a great amount of value when you are betting.

Point Swings

It is not just the in-play betting which is a good money spinner but also the odds on the game line that can come in very helpful. Even when there is a clear favorite in the game, if they go down by more than 6 points you start to see some very favorable game line odds. This is even more true if they go down in the 3rd quarter. We know that the very best teams find a way to win, and that is what usually happens, if you get on it in time, you could have some favorable odds for that pick.

Next time you’re watching the basketball, be sure to keep an eye on in-play odds.