Why Should You Trust Me?




Reviewing stuff such as shoes can only be done by combining two factors: researching and actual testing. That’s excatly what I’m trying to accomplish here at Live For BBALL.

When I was a small kid, I didn’t play basketball at all. My main interests were football and mostly other things not related to sports. Later, things have changed. For some magical reason (what I still can’t explain) I started to develop my interest in basketball and when I was about 12 years old, I started to really soak in the sport.

So I attended basketball for 4 years in my high school. The first couple of years were difficult and frustrating, ’cause I had to blend in and live up to other, more experienced players, But things got gradually better. I wasn’t a leader or anything, but I was doing alright.

Right now, I live in Lithuania, which has 4 seasons. That means I can’t really play ball during winters, unless I find an oppurtunity to go to a gym (no, my city doesn’t have an open gym). But during the rest of the seasons, we play basketball, we develop our skills, work out and finally, try to scrape up cash just to try the latest shoes out. 


So now you know

Now you know that I’m no pro player or some kind of hardcore athlete. I’m just a guy who loves basketball, stays in shape and likes sports in general. But being involved in a particaular activity means you get more and more experience, which turns into skill and knowledge.

I’m not trying to boast or anything, but I do have certain knowledge about shoes. I mean if you would be interested in something, you would do too. I am not a shoe creator working at Nike, but I can review a shoe from a player’s perspective.


One last thing

I want to be honest with you all. Once this website truly becomes a basketball shoe database (can’t wait!), many people could be wondering how the hell I review my shoes.

Well, I think that’s a story for another day. But what you should know, is that do not have absolutely ALL the shoes I’m reviewing. The ones that I don’t own, I try to do a lot of research, asking around, checking user opinions and even other reviews. Most of my friends are basketball guys.

After all, I’m not a millionaire.


Basketball Hoop


I hope this cleared things up for you, I felt like writing this just to prevent people from any concerns.

If you still have any questions, hit me up in the comments! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed, stay strong, never give up and good luck! You’re gonna need it.